Introuducing alt-R&B newcomer Greta Lovisa with ‘Disconnect’

Greta Lovisa’s brand new single ‘Disconnect’ is a heady mix of syncopated backbeats, acoustic Latin-esque guitar, R&B melodies and jazzy saxophone. You can certainly hear where this UK-based German artist has been informed by that good old-school R&B as well as London’s blended music scene of jazz, electronic, pop and much, much more.

Following the recent success of her single ‘Questions’, Greta continues to make her mark through her soulful vocals, no-prisoners attitude, silky melodies and progressive approach to the well-worn genre of R&B.

Check out ‘Disconnect’ right here.

“Since I moved to London, to focus on music, it has been hard for me to keep my social life in my Hometown intact. I am a terrible texter and I prefer real conversations. When I was writing this song, I actually had a completely different song in mind. But my phone was blowing up, with messages on messages and I had not been on my phone a lot. I got frustrated and started writing “disconnect” as this was what I was feeling. Sometimes, I would not talk at all if I could choose.” – Greta Lovisa

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