Tom Featherstone calls for time to stand still in newest single – ‘Young’.

Originally hailing from South London, the now Sheffield based Tom Featherstone has released his brand new single ‘Young’. Accompanied by a full band and the newest addition of a saxophonist Tom Longshaw and producer Nicholas Alexander, Tom has rehauled and revamped his sound in preparation for the new decade.

This newest addition, ‘Young’- is a plea for time to stand still, with a soulful, raw vocal Tom calls out for less responsibility and more appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of the present moment. Amongst all that life can throw at you, this song is a craving for not getting caught up in the pressures society can pile on your shoulders, but a yearning for fun, for enjoyment, for playfulness and for just being ‘Young’.

“It’s a song reflecting on all the added responsibility and expectation we start to throw on ourselves as we grow up realising that we’re expecting so much more from ourselves than we do from others. A song allowing me to give myself a break, enjoy what’s in front of me, not fixating on needing everything to work itself out yet in regards to career, relationships and all the other aspects of life we can get caught up on.” – Tom Featherstone.


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