Kaylon Hallman has his eyes on the prize with newest single ‘Blinding My Vision’.

LA born, Kaylon Hallman releases newest single ‘Blinding My Vision’ off the back of his 9 track project Evolve. The multi instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer began his musical career at his church whilst also citing his grandfather as being a driving figure of motivation during his upbringing. Having worked with numerous artists and producers throughout his musical journey so far, such as Game, Bongo and Anderson Paak to name just a few, Kaylon has a vast array of experience and channels all of this energy into his musical creations.

Describing the inspiration for the tune as about focusing on your own path and achieving your goals, it’s clear Kaylon has one thing on his mind, alongside the determination, passion and talent in which to to take him there.

“Blinding My Vision is about having a woman you really love but at the same time, you don’t want to get off track. This also applies to life circumstances, friendships and the environment you keep around you. You want to keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the goals in front of you.” – Kaylon Hallman


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