Juliet July’s ‘EASY’ is a warming fusion of R&B, soul and jazz

Filmed around the richly geographical areas of Cape Town, South Africa, we’re struck by the model-esque figure of Dutch artist Juliet July in the new music video for single ‘EASY’.

Her honey-sweet vocals comes through to us amongst the visions of towering mountains, azure coastlines and a magical forest. The location means as much to the song as July’s lyrics, which speaks to enjoying the beauty of life.

Elaborating on her new single, the Amsterdam creative explains that:

“As a creative, we need to deal with lots of opinions of others. How many times have we, as creatives, artists, entrepreneurs heard how difficult , risky and challenging it is or going to be to follow our dreams? What is our plan B? etc etc.. I know some people mean well, while some are secretly just envious as they wished they had the courage to do the same.

From this thoughtful space, July came to the conclusion that it all comes down to your own mindset. As she puts in her own words:

“Either way, I got tired of listening to these ‘warning’ voices about how difficult everything was going to be. And I wrote ‘EASY’ as an answer. EASY gives an alternate perspective on the road to following your true heart desires. This is not to say that you will never come across obstacles or that you can just sit around and wait for your dreams to manifest. I believe a lot in the power of thoughts and hearing everyday how difficult a task is going to be is in my opinion not the way to go about it. ‘EASY’ acts as a POSITIVE affirmation , as a reminder that when we truly listen to what our heart whispers everything is possible.”The line therefore that we are consistently drawn back to through the azure hues of this chilled track is “’It’s easy, when you learn to trust in it all”.”

Watch the sun-soaked music video starring Juliet July below.




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