Chatterbox: MARQElectronica chats Sci-fi + Superheroes, 80’s synths and an upcoming album

Hey MARQElectronica, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Hi, yes . I am a massive geek and love my superhero, sci-fi and horror movies. I’ve got the double identity thing going on just like Batman. By day I’m Mark a trainer and help out with my mum’s care but by night I’m MARQelectronica singer songwriter and defender of the funky! Hahaha.

What influences would you say have gone into your sound recently?

I’ve been heavily influenced by 2 genres, 80’s synth music from artists like Tangerine Dream and The Human League  and so there’s a synthetic stripped back feel to tracks like “I thought I knew it all” and other tracks I’m working on which mix bass and synth with trap beats. However, I’m leaning heavily towards disco house and the sounds of artists like The Freemasons on my forthcoming album .

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am busy recording a new album, it’s taking time due to funds but I’m recording the first 3 tracks in April and hope to release another existing track in May. I have songs I’m working on with The Last of The Fallen Angels and I’m proud to be performing at Northumberland Pride where I’m planning  to debut my all new disco house album tracks.

What are your plans for the rest of the year ahead? Any Live shows? A Tour?

I would love to tour and do more gigs so any support slots are gratefully accepted but I’m focusing on the album, videos and organising new photos and a smooth stage show hopefully. However I am performing at Northumberland Pride and have a couple of other possible gigs coming but they will have to remain top secret for now.

Any top tips for that have helped you get through this difficult time?

I don’t know, the lockdowns and recent bereavements have  made me take stock and realise I am stronger than I thought and more resilient thanks to the good people I have around me and my personal strength. I’d like to keep this resilience and apply it to my music career.

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