Sam Seguardo embarks on a new chapter with soft electronica sound in ‘Overspace’

We’re always intrigued by an artist’s development from one primary genre to another; it’s interesting to hear whether its a complete transformation or whether traits of their former life come through in the new music. When it comes to new work ‘Overspace’ from Irish-Portuguese artist Sam Segurado, we definitely think that you can still detect traces of his indie-folk-pop project, Looking For The Fox LP, which was released back in 2017. Since then, however, Segurado has been preoccupied by pushing his sound into a more multi-faceted and experimental territory.

The result is a watercolour version of electronica that blends layers of soft beats and unique samples to create a serene backdrop to the artist’s sincere vocals. He hopefully sings, “you’ll tear my heart out? I don’t buy that at all,” because he tired of the fight, he just wants things to work out.

As ‘Overspace’ progresses, those washed out songs and Segurado’s timid voice becomes bolder and more determined in is intentions. Clearly, this new version of the artist is here to stay.

Stephen Lovatt and I started The Remainder back in Summer 2018, but he ended up going through some mental health issues which then delayed things. I have a close family member with mental health problems, and I’m pretty adamant someone shouldn’t lose their job because of them, so I wanted to continue working with him without question. Stephen’s own struggle also reflected the theme of The Remainder: what’s left of us after going through hard times can be stronger than before.”

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