Bailey Tomkinson reveals the vibrant, alt-folk infused ‘Can’t Lose’

Entering the 2022 muso-sphere with passion, fire and kick-ass guitar playing is St. Ives-based singer- songwriter Bailey Tomkinson. Marked as her first offering this year, she sets the tone with the wild, powerful and transcendent ‘Can’t Lose’.

Overflowing with richness and featuring a plethora of gorgeous and carefully layered guitars, saxophone, drums, keys, vocals and soaring harmonies, ‘Can’t Lose’ is full, vibrant and utterly mellifluous yet not overcrowded. A feat only executed by the most talented of artists, Bailey has no trouble in whisking you away on a dynamic sonic journey, drawing her listener softly in and then propelling them into the atmosphere.

Painted with dainty, odic and authentic lyricism, perfectly detailed by her smooth, saccharine vocal that reaches glorious heights, it’s no surprise she has been likened to reigning Pop royalty Taylor Swift. Showcasing an eclectic blend of alt-folk, Americana and oozing with catchy pop melodies, Bailey has spent the past year fine tuning her sensational sound. Now ready to share more of those glowing, honey-like melodies, we are on the edge of our seat and eagerly awaiting the next delicious drop.

 “I was listening to a lot of 80’s east cost rock when I wrote ‘Can’t Lose’ – Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen that kind of thing. I had in mind a real homage to the New York sound of that era, adding Michael Underwood’s incredible sax to the band really helped bring that energy. I even managed to sneak a nod to Carly Simon in the lyrics too.”Bailey Tomkinson

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