Mini Melon Mix Ups: Sid Batham, LAZYRAVE, Sevenn, Confetti, updog and cln

Welcome funky friends to your favourite new music Friday mix, the MMM is back and raring to go. We’ve got your weekend ready playlist alive and kicking, so check out these absolute tunes below and lets pop our party pants on, its go time!

First up is the uplifting, disco infused ‘Higher Love’ by Sid Batham. Oozing with those feel good vibes and overflowing with a contagious energy, ‘Higher Love’ is flecked with a funk-fuelled rhythm and dusted with nostalgia. With all parts also played by Sid himself, alongside co-producing the track, it’s clear Sid is a talent to keep our eyes on. Add this to your feel good Friday mix ASAP!

“This feels like the truest fully realised vision of what I was trying to do previously. Everything has been done live so it’s much more raw — no cutting corners” – Sid Batham

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Up next we have one for you ravers, as LAZYRAVE reveal their newest dance floor filler ‘Work At It’. Filled with 4/4 rhythms, painted with synths and heavy, pulsating basslines, it’s detailed with LAZYRAVE’s unmistakable and characteristic vocals that lift the track to new levels. A welcomed offering, ‘Work At It’ is the perfect electro soaked, dance inducing track with a touch of house thrown in the mix. Super catchy, this one is simply made for a boogie.

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Another dance floor banger for you party people in the form of an epic collab from Sevenn and Blasterjaxx, these heavy weights come together for the electrifying track ‘Chupa’. Pumping with energy and synths from the get go, ‘Chupa’ is endlessly dynamic and expertly produced. Enjoy, turned up to the MAX.

“This is a club banger, meant for festivals and champagne-infused nightclubs. ‘Chupa’ was especially fun to make. During the production process, I learned a lot working with Blasterjaxx. Stay tuned for the Hybrid Techno edit of ‘Chupa’ – it’s darker than my ex’s heart.

It’s a surreal moment of feeling blessed and honored with this opportunity to work with WME and its incredible team of professionals. Interestingly, this new chapter is starting at year seven of Sevenn! We couldn’t have done this without each and every single one of you, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this crazy dream come true.” – Sevenn

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Up next are our fave alt-pop ‘n rock artists Confetti. This time they have a brand new look, gone are the lovable elephants but here to stay is their endlessly colourful artistry. ‘Doses’ marks the first track of this new chapter and it’s a corker. Drenched in nostalgia and incredibly punchy, ‘Doses’ emanates energy and features plenty of quirky lyrics. Glowing with that gorgeous feel good energy we know and love from the duo, we can’t wait to see what they cook up next!

This song is about a relationship that goes well in doses. You know that friend or hook up you like having around, but maybe not all the time? That’s kind of who it’s directed to. And the feelings of having that person around are something of a combination between crying inside and jumping for joy with a smirky smile of optimism on the outside. Although ‘we’ just so happen to be ‘that’ friend, sometimes, too. This song goes out to the “lets just be friends” people we’ve dated, which inevitably turns into the ‘never see/talk to you again’ peopleHearts have been broken and mended and then broken again throughout this process. The process of which we call, ‘Doses.’ This song is also kind of how and where we see and feel the dating and heartbreak scene existing, with our song as the soundtrack to it all.”  – Confetti

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updog comes flying in next with quirky new single ‘taking a stand’, the first of a brand new, forthcoming 7-track EP set to arrive in the Summer. This newest, fun addition features fast paced lyrical content and is dedicated to those who have stood up for themselves. Empowering, unique and full of clever wordplay, ‘taking a stand’ is a super catchy track that makes you want to shout along to.

This song is dedicated against bullies of any kind and caliber. It was inspired by a real life situation that happened to someone very close to me and when they told me this, I immediately empathized with them and their pain and decided to write a song about those feelings and their experience to empower them. I tried to capture everything I felt that that person wanted to tell their bully if they could go back and do so.” – updog

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Last but not least we have a cover on the MMM! Which is super unusual for us as we don’t tend to post covers but this one was too good not to. Aussie artist cln takes on The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber classic STAY. cln’s rendition is beautifully crafted, slow, steady and filled with perfectly selected synths. It’s almost somber as cln gorgeously croons over the top of the chilled electronic, alt R&B Vibe. A fab take on the classic, we love seeing how he’s reimagined this tune.

“I admire every aspect of this song. They assembled a dream-team of some of the best songwriters, producers and engineers on the planet and then combined that with some really solid artistry. It has also been brilliant to see an Australian break out and become one of the biggest artists on the planet.The songwriting in particular stood out to me. It’s very clever and catchy, and you can tell that a lot of calculation and work has gone into every single aspect. I wanted to put my own slower spin on it, and a cover seemed like a great way to do that.”cln

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