Callum Crighton’s conceptual electro-pop EP, Lazer Police: The Musical

Callum Crighton’s music is all about celebrating freedom and individualty, especially from the perspective of someone in the LGBTQ+ community. His debut EP, Lazer Police: The Musical, is no exception to Crighton’s inclusive vision, something you can learn a little more about in the quote below.

Having grown up listening to 80s legends such as Duran Duran, Kate Bush, Human League and Madonna, the retro vibes are simply oozing out of this EP. From the heavy-handed synths, to punchy pop rhythm, to the neon-soaked artwork. Even the overarching theme of “lazer police” is pure 80s film nostalgia.

From the four-track EP, our favourite listen is ‘Universal Hand’, which has a little bit of Future Islands meets Flaming Lips sense to it. Like a New Romantics artist performing on Top of the Pops from space. Just listen and you’ll get it!

“I am a firm believer in all humans being treated with love and respect despite their background. I feel that there is still no strong representation for queer people in the musical landscape at the moment (especially not in the UK) and I really strive to be that. I also am vegan and a big believer in looking after our lovely world and all the animals and plants in it. I am an activist for LGBTQ+ rights and want to open up a wider dialogue surrounding our treatment, using music and being my theatrical self to become a walking political statement. I also have a unibrow and am a big believer in beauty coming in non-traditional forms, and that self-love is the most important of all! I also am a believer in manifesting dreams and believing in the powers of the universe.”

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