Mini Melon Mix Ups: STAYOUTLATE, Bakermat, daste. ft Uhkirra, Hyper, ALIGN, Ormiston, TREZR, Rushil & Mokita.

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. It’s that glorious time of the week where us melon heads over at Purple Melon HQ share with you our favourite new tunes! Get ready to make some serious playlist additions with these weekend ready bops below!

First up this week are a lavish and lyrical squadron that go by the name of STAYOUTLATE. They are the latest Canadian exports making noise across the pond with their dynamic flows, conscious bars and melodic delivery, courtesy of the group’s mixed bag of musical talents. Founded back in 2016, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf combine their shared skills across rap, songwriting and production to create sonically unique and thought-provoking music that incorporates a range of influences whilst keeping real hip-hop at its heart. Check out their latest music video for the unmissable ‘LAVISH’!

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Next up this week is the huge ‘Aint Nobody’ by Bakermat. This track is a biggie, skyrocketing from the very first second with the incredible vocals of LaShun Pace, it’s a gospel infused house tune with some old old-school funk thrown in. An unlikely, yet lively, upbeat and exceedingly energetic new single, blast this one on full and enjoy this exquisite mix of genres.

“Since ‘Teach Me’ back in 2015 I really wanted to make a gospel inspired tune again. I absolutely love mixing genres and when I stumbled upon the original acapella by LaShun Pace I immediately began writing chords. I’m glad she approved me to release the end result! The track is a happy, cheerful and fun dance record that I’m very proud of. It is best enjoyed in sunny environments with positive people, and could be a real summer soundtrack if you’re into feel good house music!”

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Now, we take it right back down to Earth with the polar opposite. A welcome return, please enjoy the soft, delicate, dreamy sounds of daste. which are next with new single ‘Holding on to You’ ft. Uhkirra. Firm favourites here at Purple Melon, this tune is the perfect accompaniment to a warm picnic or walk in the sun. Gorgeous tones, effortless melodies and gentle rhythms throughout, take a breath and enjoy a moment of stillness with daste.

“When I wrote the first few verses for this songI was inspired by Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks” and a song called “Cherry”by Harry Styles. I specifically remember coming up with the bridge (“so open up”) while I was at work and sung it for the rest of my shift, itching to get back home and try some chords togo with it. We knew we had to get Uhkirra to collaborate on this track and knowing how talented she is at string arrangements we were so excited to see what she could do. ‘holding on to you ’is kinda like having a fight with someone you really love but then deciding that you’re just not right for each other, but then you’ll be up all night wondering what could have been; was it the right decision?But now they’re moving on, going to another city to start a new life, and you try to catch them at the airport before they leave but you’re too late. It’s like a movie! Although unlike most romantic comedies, there isn’t a happy ending.”

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Jumping firmly back into the dance world with heavy new tune ‘Impact Weapon’ by hard hitting producer and all round creator Hyper. Expertly blending a plethora of synths, sounds and samples, Hyper creates an energy fuelled, speaker blaster in this newest single. It’s no wonder he’s scoring music for the gaming world and films such as Blade Runner 2049. Interestingly, this tune also features actual sample audio from Black Lives Matters protests in his town. Industrial, synth fuelled and epic all-rounder, be sure to check this one.

“This is one of my favourite tracks of late. Pure energy. Rooted more than likely in the way we’re all feeling with regards to the pandemic, as well as commenting on the political and racial unrest right now, here in the US and abroad. It’s a pure release of pressure and frustration built up inside during this last year. The sample is fittingly (and deliberately) sourced from the Black Lives Matter protests in both Seattle and Portland (in the American Pacific North West), where I now live. A reminder to myself that we still have a long way to go…BUT, at least now we have something we can dance and bang our heads to while we wait.”

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We bring the full EP ‘VISTA’ to you next from the tentative and incredibly talented hands of producer ALIGN. A glorious body of work it’s almost as if ALIGN has managed to encapsulate the pure essence of Summer and pop it in EP. A incredible display of immaculate production skills and lush, enveloping instrumentation, ALIGN’s sophomore EP is truly a luminous triumph. With lead single ‘I’m Searching’, being a soft yet captivating opening track to eas you in, it’s littered with gorgeous synth work. Don’t sleep on this one!

“A glimpse at something new can change how we go about our daily lives. The ‘VISTA’ EP surrounds catching this ‘glimpse’ or ‘view’ of something that influences us. Whether it is a literal view that is imprinted in our minds and stays with us; Or whether it’s a fresh perspective or thought that helps us move forward in our lives, these ‘vistas’ provide moments that impact us in many ways. I wrote these 5 tracks to reflect that. Impactful locations and experiences constantly change my perspective for the better, or they give me a new way to appreciate the things and people around me. For me, this EP covers the search of new things around us, finding the things we love, and the way we look at everything around us too.”

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The Montreal indie-popper has just unveiled his debut album – title Hammer Down – and from that record we’ve got to tell you about single ‘Time Fades’. It’s all the best bits of synth and indie pop songwriting, bursting with energy and enthusiasm in an act of rebellion against the passage of time. Ormiston, who was previously known as Berverlay, shared why this album means so much to him over on Facebook:

This is a very special time in my career, after being a part of many different projects and bands as a musician and songwriter, “Hammer Down” is a distinct perspective of the sound I have always wanted to create.”

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Next up is a new one from Rushil whose bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with an exquisitely addictive new single featuring  Abi Sampa. ‘Hold This’ is an exquisitely addictive offering that expertly combines Rushil’s empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals with an immaculately bright, catchy sound.

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Dallas based pop collective TREZR are set to take over playlists worldwide with the release of their follow up single ‘Sober’, another exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines their immaculate new sound, beautiful melodies and stunning vocals.

“The writing process for Sober was fairly easy. At the time I was in a long-term relationship that slowly started to devolve into distance and dissonance. We both had our share of fights and problems, but we were still in love, until one day when it was just one of us hanging onto the relationship and the other thought it might just be the time to end it. This song is about that turning point where you start asking,” What went wrong? What drove us to this metaphorical cliff in our relationship, and is there anything that could be done to fix things and go back to how we were?” – Trey (Lead Vocalist)

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Last but not least is a brand new track from Nashville’s John-Luke Carter, otherwise known as Mokita. His latest offering ‘Clear Eyes’ is another lush combination of Pop and Electronic sounds that show off his songwriting and lyrical ability as a rising talent on the scene who continues to turn heads. 

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