twocolors make their mark on ‘Like No Other’ by The Dead Daisies

Let us introduce you to twocolors, a Berlin based production duo who have released a remix of the song ‘Like No Other’ by The Dead Daisies.

The original vocals are rich yet gritty which embodies the bluesy, classic-rock sound, but in the hands of twocolors, these verses become stanzas in a poetic realm of the electronic sonicsphere. The synth leads are brassy while the bass-line resembles that classic 1980’s pop sound. ‘Like No Other’ is like a rebuilt classic architectural building, one which retains all of its former glory but with includes a few more modern elements there to help spruce up the place.

Perhaps an unlikely choice for the pair initially, twocolors have truly showcased their abilities in this rendition. Proving, if they can tackle a tune such as this, the stars are truly the limit for these two.

“We are really happy about this remix of ‘Like No Other’! Once again remixed by our friends twocolors – this one really rocks and makes you want to dance at the same time! Check it out and enjoy – perfect for the start of the summer!“ – The Dead Daisies

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