Ruben Dawnson wows in new single ‘Safely’

Ruben Dawnson’s sweet voice and lyrics fill the speakers with his new track ‘Safely’.

The song’s moving bass-line oozes an offbeat reggae-esque guitar chords whilst he lead guitar plays an Ostinato which works as an indefinite ear-worm from the get go. It’s an incredibly effective arrangement and, of course, Dawnson’s smooth vocal chops are the icing on a very delicious cake. One of the favourite aspects of the song is the way the synth lines perfectly sync with the melody. For fans of Goyte, this would be a very at-home addition to their listening line-up, but even if you’re feeling just a bit adventurous for newer indie-pop, ‘Safely’ is a must!

Since the release of his debut EP, ‘Echo Emotions’ he has signed with the Norwegian independent label GEMS, and he has written, recorded and produced his second EP ‘Sunshower’, scheduled for release this summer. The title track and first single was released in March, and received airplay from NRK P3, as well as support from Spotify on playlists Soda, Indie-Pop and New Music Friday Norway.

Check out ‘Safely’ below:

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