PREMIERE: Pritt and S.A.M team up for duet filled concept EP ‘Take 2’

If you have yet to have heard about Pritt and S.A.M, let us give you the absolute pleasure of an introduction. The duo who are both fast rising independent artists have been receiving praise and support from various digital and radio outlets including the likes of the BBC Asian Network, GRM Daily and numerous Spotify editorial lists to name but a handful.

Home grown UK talent at it’s finest, the artists from London are both well versed in the industry. Pritt is an R&B singer songwriter who has been keeping consistent with various creative and musical projects over the past few years. Similarly has S.A.M the lyricist and rapper and both boost an incredibly supportive and organically grown fanbase, so it’s no wonder they decided to team up.

Both unique and separate artist’s in their own right; Pritt champions and channels her Tamil heritage, combining this with her femininity to empower stereotypes of women in urban music, whilst S.A.M includes influences of Afro Caribbean and Western Sounds as well as embracing his Asian heritage, he successfully conveys his message over a repertoire of genres.

Now the pair unite for a joint collaboration, conceptual EP entitled ‘Take 2’ the project delves into topics and themes relating to toxic relationships and takes the listener on a journey of emotions from start to finish.

The lead single ‘Drowning’ is the last song on the EP and the culmination of the project. Oozing a subtle mellowness, it still manages to showcase the pairs exceptional ability to write catchy top lines, which the EP is full of. Making each tune a hard hitting single, the elegant, effortless vocals of Pritt perfectly contrast with S.A.M’s versatile vocal and lyricism which prove that this duo really have this one in the bag.

Premiering exclusively on Purple Melon, check out ‘Take 2’ below:

S.A.M explains, “I remember watching this documentary one day and just thinking that the sea can be the most peaceful place to be on a summers day but in a storm can be the most destructive. It just reminded me of a toxic relationship. Sometimes you can try find love in other people yet you still come running back and end up in a repetitive cycle of “drowning in love”. To the point it becomes too much and you just left with memories of a person. I think that’s what “Drowning” really tried to channel. The song itself was made a good two years ago but just seemed so relevant and fitting for the project. You do see a lot of joint male and female songs however, rarely do we see a whole project. This could be historic”

“Drowning focuses on the penultimate part of a toxic relationship, past all the heartbreak where you are nothing but done with the situation. Reminiscing the good times but the bad seems to outweigh it. The back and forth between S.A.M and Pritt sounds like a conversation, where they don’t see eye to eye eventually ending the relationship for good. They are both dragging each other down hence the title ‘Drowning’. There are only a handful of people I would choose to work with, and I’m glad S.A.M and I can share what we’ve been up to these past couple months” Pritt

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