Flawes release ‘Higher Than Before’ featuring vocals from Mali-Koa (Stripped Version)

Flawes, the dynamic three-piece, British alt-pop outfit return today with a glorious new offering in the form of the stripped-back version of their hit, ‘Higher Than Before’, featuring vocals from Mali-Koa. Known for spreading a message of peace and positivity through their music, JC, Huss and Freddie look to the new year with hopeful eyes and determined minds.

Pared-back and simplistic, the ‘Higher Than Before’ remake sees the band take on a slightly more retrospective and reflective mood to the original whilst maintaining the same basic acoustic foundations of piano and guitar. The accompaniment of Mali-Koa’s vocals into the mix really elevates the track to new heights, giving the song an ethereal and almost otherworldly feel alongside the minimalistic production an blended harmonies.

Frontman JC Carruthers’ soaring falsetto delivers a celebration of transcendent love, singing, “I feel that this could be the brightest that we’ve ever felt before.” This acoustic release follows the unleashing of their recent Sondr remix. Giving it a unique spin with their distinguishable approach to music, the track was given a whole breath of life by the dance duo.

Speaking on the message behind their latest drop, Flawes share:

‘Higher Than Before’ is all about giving a relationship a chance and looking at things in a more positive light. The chorus hook “You’re taking me Higher Than Before” centres around the realisation that being with them has vastly improved my life; life is a lot better when they are in it.”

Listen to Flawes – ‘Higher Than Before’ ft. Mali-Koa


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