‘willpower’ is the eclectic new offering from Eugenia Post Meridiem

Italian quartet Eugenia Post Meridiem present their exuberant brainchild ‘willpower’ to follow up their highly acclaimed debut album ‘In Her Bones’. Exploring the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote and PYJÆN, the band offers a heterogenous spectacle. Tasty at its core, compelling on the surface, ‘willpower’ is an endearing organised chaos that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the teenage mind, forming a precious thought, nourishing it, growing it until it finally reaches the minds of others in a shared dimension of communication. 

Timeless qualities are weaved through the arrangement, and while Eugenia Post Meridiem offer tastes of the past, they also dip into a futuristic depth which is truly unmatched. This results in a joyful play on time which triggers wonderful sensations – calmness, elevation and ardour. The four piece outfit shows off skill with a perfectly curated story, unresolved in its structure and melodic profile, but determined in its purpose. 

Eugenia Post Meridiem always put on a show of mastery and inventiveness. It takes a lot of willpower not to play their music on loop. 

“Willpower was the first piece we composed after “Life Sleeper”, it was developed from a composition of Matteo (drums) and then reworked in different moments from 2019 to 2021, till the recording sessions.

This song tells something about the onset of a precious thought in the mind of a teenager which keeps growing until it’s shared. Then it starts to insinuate in other minds, as an intuition, a desire, a hope, a fear, or something we always look up to.

In the verses the music reflects the growth of these thoughts through a chord progression that never resolves, then the change of the harmony in the chorus creates a different background (like the change of mind in which these thoughts are growing) and in the final chorus the music develops as if it’s a “shared experience” of minds, a communion of thoughts.”  – Eugenia Post Meridiem 

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