‘Lost 4 Wordz’ is the emphatic, soulful R&B single from Birmingham’s ROZZZQWEEN

The London-via-Birmingham artist ROZZZQWEEN first rose to fame in the most modern of ways after her song ‘Sunday Morning’ became a viral TikTok sensation in 2019. Following her breatk-through, she released her landmark Damned If I Don’t EP. The latest installment of this promising artist’s career is her newest single ‘Lost For Wordz’, a soulful testament to the naivety and vulnerability of dating life.

‘Lost 4 Wordz’ is defined by that lock-jaw sense of speechlessness that women can feel in a relationship (or situationship) where the power dynamic is unbalanced and their opinions or emotions aren’t valued. Being that we’re living at the mercy of a “pick me” culture, sometimes women fall into the trap of trying to mold themselves to their crush or partner. ROZZZQWEEN casts no shade on these people, instead ‘Lost 4 Wordz’ is pure empathy as a someone who has also taken part in this strange patriarchal ritual in the past.

Listening to this track, women can relate to one another on a deeper level and allow their past trauma to well up through the cathartic experience here. Whether that’s the Brummie’s touching soul voice, the dramatic R&B backbeats or the subtle Afrobeat touch, there’s so much to vibe to here. It’s really reminiscent of the late 90s/early 00s golden age of R&B where all the best tracks were about the woman’s experience, impressive vocals and simple-yet-artful hooks.

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