Listen to ‘Luna Moth’ from IOTA PHI’s avant-garde electronic album Homo Pauperis

With her insightful lyricism, rare songwriting style and deft electronic production the Greek art-pop artist IOTA PHI challenges our perception of the world and of ourselves. The very name of her new album Homo Pauperis reflects the dystopian alternative reality where the evolution of homo sapiens has taken a different turn into a mutation of a pocket-sized side marsippus (yes, like the marsupial pockets of kangaroos) derived from the human obsession for acquiring, owning and collecting things. Really, no other animal on earth is quite as hell-bent on having stuff as humans, so this imagined sci-fi leap is scarily close to home.

IOTA PHI’s storytelling is also inspired by Greek mythology and the post-humanist movement in order to convey the dangerous trajectory that humans are on right now. ‘Luna Moth’ in particular is the icy and haunting EDM track flush with hallow electronica and disparate vocals. This sonic journey is reflective of a great odyssey where one tries to outrun themselves – in vain, of course.

‘Luna Moth’ encompasses elements of experimental electronica, avant-garde pop and alternative R&B, although all framed within the artist’s dark and forewarning perspective.

You can find the single below and listen to IOTA PHI’s Homo Pauperis LP here.

“Luna Moth is about the journey of life, the metamorphosis. We move 7000 miles away from home thinking our problems will vanish. We meet people thinking we can/they could change us. Life is an odyssey, we return home when we’ve shushed the sirens and have escaped the Lotus-Eaters.”

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