Birches’ ‘Be Unknown’ is full of heart and infectious energy

Greatly charming and playfully emotional, Northern Irish emo-indie quartet Birches are back with infectious new track ‘Be Unknown’. Known for their impeccably raw arsenal of tunes, the band remains true to their roots despite having stepped into a whole new realm. 

Birches describe ‘Be Unknown’ to mark their newest era, which has been preceded by ‘prequel’ music including their 2020 EP ‘Bedroom Days’ and single ‘See Yourself Tomorrow’. We’re excited to witness the breakthrough of their artistic identity, while still being able to recognize the elements that characterises the band and sets it apart. 

There’s a remarkable charm to the DIY recording and production, an incredible warmth which makes it impossible to feel disconnected to the music. ‘Be Unknown’ has the heart of a classic, an emo-indie anthem which is sure to boost your mood and leave you with a smile!

“…it feels like everything before was all a prequel and Everything to come is the beginning of chapter one of our story. ‘BE UNKNOWN’ story is of just getting up and doing it, whether that’s calling a loved one, starting a new project or even just getting out of bed in the morning. All those things can be tough for someone and we hope this song can give the inspiration to do so.” BIRCHES

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