Mini Melon Mix Ups: NASAYA, Martin Aelred Colgan, GoGo Penguin, Per QX, Yes We Mystic, Josa Barck, Arei Moon, Paul Natural feat. Airplane Man, Hendrix, Dalton Cyr, and Hydreamia

Welcome to a belated delivery of our Mini Melon Mix Ups! As ever, it’s a surprisingly and alternative cross section of the music we’ve been listening to lately. From dance to rock, pop to folk – we’ve got it all! Well, nearly all, but you catch our drift. Anyways, enjoy!

Titles can reveal a lot about a song, especially when they’re chosen with care and deep thinking. That’s the case with NASAYA’s new single ‘REVES’ from his new EP of the same name, which some of you may already know means “dreams” in French. The Los Angeles producer takes a fresh approach to dance music that transforms the listening experiences into one of cerebral daydreaming with sophisticated refrains, intelligent beat work and a delicate synths. This one is for introspective night owls.

“When I was living in Paris, the change of scenery drew me to start writing some solo music. It felt very liberating for me to write songs on my own. The EP is definitely ‘darker’ and more visceral than songs I’ve previously released. I’ve always wanted to release a project like this because I feel like it’s the only way for me to channel certain emotions – and I feel like this sound is a big part of what I wanted my project to sound like when I originally started it.

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‘Tam O Shanter’ is the powerful song from Martin Aelred Colgan that was originally created as the closing song to a proposed TV series soundtrack about Robert Burns, the eminent Scottish poet whose work has led to an entire day’s celebration known as Burns Night. It was commissioned by James Campbell from the independent label Hummdrumm Records and Colgan proved himself to be up to the task by spending six months producing a soundtrack for the series that even included arrangements and original interpretations of Burns’ best known works. With not only one iconic interpretation but two, this song also became a tribute to the late Billy Mackenzie of The Associates. ‘Tam O Shanter’ is an obvious choice for the lead single for Calgan’s forthcoming album, so watch this space.

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We’ve written about Manchester-based project GoGo Penguin a few times, but ‘Erased by Sunlight’ hits different. This contemporary piano trio ventured back into the studio with their new line-up and riding high on the joy of performing live again with the solidified sense of what their music is all about. They’re now working towards their forthcoming full-length album for XXIM Records which features the sublime ‘Erased by Sunlight’. This song is a simmering display of improvised piano and fervent percussion that evokes the naturalistic joy of the rising sun.

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If ‘Bottom to the Top’ doesn’t put a smile on your face then we’re not sure what will. It’s a nu-disco celebration that’s made for dancing the night away and busting out your best retro moves. At the heart of the track is Per QX who has been on a roll as of late with banging tunes, hot collaborations and multiple label support. This new song is the ideal opening track to Per QX and Symphonic Paradise’s upcoming album At The Disco Vol. 1, which is brought further to life by vocalist Suki Soul, the extroverted diva whose husky and soulful vocals are the perfect pairing to the springy disco rhythms.

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Last week, we featured Yes We Mystic’s single ‘Head Rush’ in our Indie Kids playlist, which introduced us to the band’s new album Trust Fall. We haven’t been able to stop listening to the record all week and so we thought this special bunch of musicians deserved a second feature. Rising to the top of our favourite songs list from the album is ‘High Beams’, which is a mediated expression of ones thoughts and emotions when we’re close to the one we love. It’s equal parts melancholic and blissful, reflecting the strained corners of our heart and minds and we struggle to control our reactions. The harmonies here are simply gorgeous, floating over an intricate Latin guitar refrain, autonomous drums and passionate piano chords. We can’t get enough of this song, album or band.

“Before we recorded one note of this album we had confronted the fact that it would be our last, and we’re thankful to have gotten the opportunity to make a final statement together. The reception and outpouring from people who care about the band has been really overwhelming and really touching. This was an immensely collaborative album. The knowledge that the band was coming to an end gave us the idea to really expand beyond ourselves and open up the recording process to lots of different people.”

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Get ready for a piece of 80s inspired indie-pop that’s very much about our current world. Disguised in a mesh of optimistic synths and extroverted drums, ’86 and 98′ from Danish artist Josa Barck is a the narrative of an individual who finds the earth under constant threat but can do very little to change the facts. It’s an interesting contrast between the fun-loving 80s where climate concerns were put on the back-burner and feel-good pop was pushed to the front and today where the message of the environmental crisis is laid at the door of the youth who didn’t create the problem but are tasked with the solution. Barck’s dissociation comes to the dreaminess, but we’re kept alert with the repeated percussion. ’86 and 98′ features on the artist’s An Exile’s Guide To Amnesty LP which is packed full of more thought-provoking tunes.

“I see my own generation sort of like a third world country that is being told by the western world, that we really need to change our ways – because of a climate crisis they have no part in. Of course we also want all commodities that we have seen our parents generation enjoy – We too want two cars, and fly around the globe. And we think we have a right to… We just barely managed to experience what a crazy lifestyle our parents generation were living – And I wonder if it maybe disturbs our ability to see things clearly – And so it might be hard for us to accept that our reality will be different. The generation after mine have only ever seen the consequences – And no way if they will take part in any of that.”

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Born in Boston, raised in Orlando, singer-songwriter Arei Moon has been sharing her incredible voice from the very first moments she stepped on stage as a young child and she’s even made appearances on The Voice and American Idol, although she made her official debut this past summer with ‘Dangerous’. She continues her rise as a R&B-pop star with newest single ‘Ooh La La’, which is accompanied by a killer music video that shows off this artist’s high performance quality. It’s al full cinematic experience, all wrapped up in less than three minutes and reflects the high-drama sound of Moon’s R&B number. Those bright dance beats and addictive pop melodies will convince you of this singer’s ability to hit the big time.

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The covid-19 pandemic really put us all through the ringer and even a year out of the worst of it, we’re still dealing with the after effects. While it was undoubtedly devastating and tragic, that time of isolation and self-reflection has also produced many creative outputs. One of those songs is ‘EAT ALL MY MONEY’, a collaboration between Brooklyn pop talent Paul Natural and innovative duo Airplane Man (Daniel Feldmen and Tim Sommers). They met through the NYC music scene and their collective instinct for enticing indie-pop can be heard throughout this dreamy and catchy number. Drifting melodies, heartfelt vocals and an radio-ready chorus makes this track utterly irresistible to all you pop lovers out there.

“The inspiration for this song came from the summer before COVID hit NYC and Daniel had just moved to Brooklyn. Drawing directly from the lifestyle in our neighborhood that is full of artist and film crews at all times. One is always out and about consuming something. Then when lockdown hit the song took one a whole different meaning, which contributes to the duplicitous nature of the arrangement with the acoustic guitar gently leading you in until the sub bass hits you right in the chest…or…wallet? lol.”

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Growing up, life wasn’t easy for Hendrix, between an unstable home situation and bullying at school, there were few places where she could find refuge. However, there’s one place that was always at her deposal – music. After years of singing, and writing music alone Hendrix knew she wanted to expand and develop her passion. That passion has now evolved into a fully fledged career path with earnest pop singles like ‘Safe’ to show for all her hard work. Her powerfully emotional voice at the forefront of ‘Safe’ show off her amazing vocals really are, especially as they can keep up with the high-tempo production that draws in elements of pop, dance and R&B. It’s so lively and uplifting, we can’t help but fall in love with Hendrix.

“”Safe” is about someone earning your trust and feeling safe. Being authentically yourself and being loved for it. Feeling giddy, and excited when you’re with this person, without feeling anxious or on edge. Someone who chooses you making you feel, well, safe.”

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Self-taught guitarists might already be familiar with Dalton Cyr, who has made many comprehensive guitar lessons on YouTube. What some of you might not know is that he’s also an artist in his own right and it’s that platform where he made his name that he’s take to for his new single ‘Happy’. Over the years, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist produces simply astounding pop and rock songs infused with intricate guitar work and a voice that passionately tells his own story. ‘Happy’ is a genuine post-love song that showcases Cyr’s flawless pop voice and instinct for catchy melodies that will stay in your mind for days. Watch out Ed Sheeran, this artist is coming for your job.

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Formed in the isolation of 2020, quintet Hydreamia have been busy creating their distinct approach to alternative-R&B, although it’s taken until now for this London-based project to make their first official release with ‘Everything Changes’. It’s an introspective piece of music that takes the listener on a familiar journey from isolation to a sense of oneness – it’s all about accepting change. The meandering instrumentation of jazz-inspired notes and lofi tones further echoes to unpredictability of life and even when it feels as thought things are moving in slow motion, change is occurring. The sentimental yet mellow lyrics also serves this important narrative by reminding the listener over and over again that “everything changes”.

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