Sam Himself tears down a cliché with ‘Mr. Rocknroll’

Regular readers might recognize the bleach blonde haired Sam Himself from recent months since we’ve featured his quirky indie creations on Purple Melon a couple of times already. ‘Never Let Me Go’ and ‘Golden Days’ were relatively mellow tracks that merged the Swiss artist’s love of synth-rock and americana. This third single is a different story however. ‘Mr. Rocknroll’ is a proper pop and rock mix that makes the most of searing guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

It’s an upbeat track made for strutting around your house and imagining yourself as a rock’n’roll character. If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further than the music video for Mr. Rocknroll’ in which Sam Himself has taken over a cafe in Zurich, Switzerland, for a one-man show. His dance moves are determined, animated and little tongue-in-cheek, much like the song itself. Through his grumbling vocals he tears down the rock’n’roll cliché because we shouldn’t take such things so seriously.

With ‘Mr. Rocknroll’, Sam Himself also announces his upcoming album, Never Let Me Go, due for release on January 27th (via Sony Music / Taxi Gauche Records).

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