Purple Pop: min.a, Lerocque, Madam Bandit, Grace Kuraska, Aaron James, Thomas Day, kenzie cates, Mergui, Alba Rose

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Sometimes what we really crave when it comes to our pop playlist rotation is something simple and genuine without all of the electronic bells and production whistles. That’s where Korean-American artist min.a comes in with her alluringly minimalistic ‘company’. This heartfelt ballad makes the most of the meaningful interplay between the richly reverberated piano and the artist’s exquisite voice which possesses a certain emotional soulfulness. It’s a window into the artist minds as she comes to terms with lifes forwardly marching pace.

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Lerocque was born as Pedro Rodrigues in Portugal and emigrated in the 90s with his parents to Switzerland. It was his upbringing in this hard-working immigrant family that led him to find refuge in musicals and classic pop songwriting. His early love of music has stayed with him and now he’s making his own brand of reassuring pop anthems like ‘I’m Alright’. This bold and unforgettable track using uplifting rhythms and catchy melodies in order to drive his positive message home.

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The story behind Madam Bandit’s music career and life in general could easily be a movie; she escaped from an extreme Christian cult, although not before being married off as a teen, having two children and releasing multiple successful indie albums. Her current music is the powerful embodiment of sexual liberation and feminism through her electro-pop alter ego, as we hear in newest single ‘Lie To Me’. It’s a moody, erotic and beautiful song that pivots between fantasy and regret and showcases the artist’s divine vocals.

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Hailing from small town Connecticut, indie-pop artist Grace Kuraska first started writing songs in the privacy of her bedroom after picking up the ukulele, keyboard and guitar in college. We’re glad that she didn’t keep her beautiful musical creations behind closed doors for long as tracks like ‘Torn’ is a rapturously gratifying piece of singer-songwriter pop. Her provocative lyrics tell the story of being stuck between residual feelings for an ex and the love you have for a current partner. It’s that kind of messy, chaotic emotion that comes through with such poignancy throughout the single.

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Taken from Aaron James’s forthcoming album, Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore, ‘Ghost’ is the charming, homespun kind of song that brings the listener closer to the intimate thought processes and authentic feelings of the songwriter. This song takes direct inspiration from the artist’s personal experience of being ghosted by a long-distance love interest. You can really hear those themes of irresolution, confusion and heartbreak in the meandering, hazy guitar and luscious vocals.

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19-year-old Tennessee native Thomas Day grew up in a musical family and from the age of 9, he knew that music was his destiny. His original songs put his heart on his sleeve with compositions inspired by the likes of Sam Smith, Paul McCartney and Lewis Capaldi, who are equally known for their bold, emotionally-charged and vocally led pop anthems. New single ‘Wallflower’ rests on a simple guitar line that gradually builds up towards an uplifting, energetic chorus which the young songwriter designed to alleviate the pain of loneliness, even if just for a few minutes.

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We love the honesty of kenzie cates’ songwriting in single ‘ruin it’, which arrived from a realistic reaction to watching an ex moving on before her. Even though she started out with the best intentions of remaining friends and being happy for the ex, her salty emotions ultimately took over. Through this track, the Canadian singer-songwriter lets all her feelings fly free in this guitar-backed slow-burner. She uses the catchy pop soundscape to imagine various scenarios where her ex’s new relationship doesn’t work out, because sometimes living in the fantasy feels better than coming to terms with reality.

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Making a hat-rick on Purple Melon is Mergui, the fast-rising international pop sensation whose recent singles ‘Lie Like This’ and ‘Sucks To Know You’ have been making global waves thanks to his enigmatic and epic style. This third single ‘Paradise’ stays true to the 20-year-old’s commitment to laying all his emotions out there; this is his own personal admission of his crumbling relationship, putting on a façade and trying to enjoy the moment whilst it lasts. Over a backdrop of fresh beats and R&B-influence pop melodies, Mergui’s voice takes the listener on a rollercoaster of love, loss and the impending end.

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Closing out our playlist is Alba Rose, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand, who uses a sincere combination of indie, soul, pop, jazz, and classic songwriting to paint vivid sonic images. Her latest sensitive soundscape is ‘Mountains’, a cross-pollination of these genres with an upbeat dance flair found in the dynamic electronic textures, produced by fellow New Zealander Serebii. In keeping with this fluid production, the artist’s soulful lyrics embracing the bittersweetness of diving into love with unknown consequences, expressing that sometime you have to risk heartbreak to experience deep connection.

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