Eugenia Post Meridiem release final single ‘whisper’ before sophomore album

The time has almost come. It’s only a matter of weeks before Eugenia Post Meridiem’s deliver their sophomore album like i need tension. It’s getting harder to wait as the Italian band releases the third and final instalment ‘whisper’ before we are given the full course musical meal. 

Quite appropriately, ‘whisper’ projects the calm before the storm, the anticipative breath before the stellar 8-track ‘like i need tension’ is released out into the world. Enhanced by stripped down sections, Eugenia’s vocals radiate and shine in all their rawness and organic textures. The vocal colour she embodies is similar to the likes of Lorde, which paired to the unconventional sound palette of the skillfully played instrumentation, results enigmatic and addictive. 

It is rather impressive how clearly and meticulously Eugenia Post Meridiem have outlined their imprint. Their sound identity doesn’t fall into any category and confidently settles into its own inimitable realm. 

‘whisper’ has hit the mark with flying colours, but are we surprised?

“Is a dark ballad you can dance to while wondering what could be the organic shape of despair. Conceived from a musical idea of Eugenia, we mostly focused on designing the right mood rather than overdeveloping the structures, which is the most linear and storytelling-like of the whole bundle. In order to recreate an old ballad atmosphere, we used harmonised choirs and specific sound processing and timbre choices. When the song reaches the end it drags along while Giovanni plays a heartbreaking guitar solo as if he exorcizes the nostalgia accumulated during the song; we are the musicians but we feel like a hypnotised audience.” Eugenia Post Meridiem 

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