Mini Melon Mix Ups: Fonteray, Sin Cos Tan, Dirty Mitts, The Montreals, Layne Greene, Lowly Light, Will Sparks, RIOT, Wolforna, Daytona Starsky, Electrohed, Matthew Joseph and 1tbsp

Hi, hey, hiya and howdy friends! Here’s hoping you are having a FAB Friday and are looking forward to that wondrous weekend ahead. We have the perfect little list of tunes to share with you this week, all hand picked and boogie-tested by our lovely melon heads. So sit back, relax and pop those headphones in!

Australian artist Fonteray has created the sonic embodiment of a colour in his newest funky indie-dance creation. ‘Green Viridian’ is flush with chilled electronic textures that give a vividly moving and organic feeling to this digitally created song. Taking this micro-thematic approach to songwriting has clearly paid off for the producer who was able to explore the boundaries of this idea to its fullest. We can here those moments of repose in the quieter, more restrained refrains and then the instances of inspired relevation when the track rise into full colour.

“The initial concept for Green Viridian came out of a songwriting challenge I started doing with some friends online during covid as a way tostay connected and creative throughout Melbourne’s extensive lockdowns. The challenges involved having 2-3 hours to produce some music to a specific criteria, theme or utilise a chosen sample etc.During one particular challenge I had these chords and bassline that I was really vibing with and knew immediately that I wanted to turn them into a full song. Going through my notes on my phone I had the words ‘Green Viridian’ written down and I decided to run with the theme of colour, and how certain people can leave such an impression on your life that you permanently associate them with. Whether that be a song, a place, or in this case a colour. Teaming up once again with producer Michael Belsar in his Abbotsford studio we decided to lean a bit more into my dance influences on this one and took inspiration from the likes of Channel Tres and Kaytranada when it came to approaching the tracks production. All the while expanding upon the blend of vintage and modern sounds that is becoming a distinctive part of Fonteray’s sound. Swapping out the bass guitar for a Korg MS20 on this one allowed us to really lean into the dance funk/indie dance sound and really became the foundation for the rest of the song to be built around.”

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In anticipation of their fourth studio album, titled Living In Fear, Finland’s leading electropop duo Sin Cos Tan (singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa and artist/producer Jori Hulkkonen) have released new single ‘Killing Dreams’. Not only this signal a new record to fans, but this track is an important comeback for the pair after a long hiatus. It might surprise listeners who are used to the outfit’s dancefloor fillers since this single represents a shift towards something more natural, more organic. The result is a sweeping electro-pop ballad steeped in 80s pop dramaticsm, even the production and vocal styles take inspiration from this retro era. Without further ado, step into this time traveling soundscape.

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Dirty Mitts is an perfectly apt name for this band who wear their grit on their sleeves. Hailing from London, although sounding like they could be residing in New Orleans or deep in the Louisiana bayou due to the overtly American-influenced sound. Their latest release is the swaggering number ‘My Show’ which pulsates through the speak with a punchy kick drum, fiery guitar progressions and earthy frontman vocals. It’s a potent song and unlike anything else being made in the UK right now.

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Our second Australian entry into this week’s Mini Melon Mix Ups is The Montreals, a vibrant four-piece band who are combining the brightest and boldest of elements from rock, pop and punk in their music. Tracks like ‘PKP’ and others from their upcoming EP capture the rebellious juvenesse of these young newcomers who contrast catchy pop-punk melodies against the chaotic energy of those rock motifs. It’s the perfect track for angsty emo kids (no matter what your age is!) to play loud and let off some steam.

“PKP is a track from our EP which comes out on 7 October :). It’s a modern pop punk vibe to it (kinda like MGK). The lyrics are super cute too and really play into the youthful angsty angel (e.g. “Ten Things I Hate About Myself” in the second verse!).”

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If you’re the kind of person who prefers the slow pace of life, then we couldn’t recommend adding ‘Incidental’ from Layne Green to your playlist any more. It’s a peaceful singer-songwriter that built around steadily paced percussion, tinkling keys and raw acoustic guitars which complements the soft and nurturing tone of the artist’s voice. The American songwriter uses nostalgic lyrics to swim in the past throughout ‘Incidental’ and while it’s not in your face, he paints a vivid picture of a time before.

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Lowly Light is the moniker of award-winning songwriter and producer Matt Gorny, who is using this alter-ego to make a departure from his indie-rock background and branch out into more psychedelic, dance and disco genres. Since 2020, he’s been busy experimenting with these new sounds and in 2021 he made this project’s debut with ‘Lose You’. With a string of tracks under his belt, the style of Lowly Light is becoming more bold and confidence which is now reflected in the producer’s latest single ‘Get Over Yourself’. This one leans generously towards nu-disco, although with many pop and funk elements, and it’s such an all-encompassing listen that’ll give the listener a break from the everyday humdrum with a piece of fun escapsim.

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Leading Australian DJ Will Sparks is up next with his newest single ‘Hard’ released via Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. The EDM connoisseur shares more of his exquisite blend of electro-house and techno including a horn-infused Dutch style with plenty of house infused bass lines. An innovator by name and trailblazer by nature Will is unequivocally taking the electronic music scene by storm. Don’t miss this exceptional new addition to the dance world.

“‘Hard’ is the record I made straight after ‘Come With Me’. I was inspired by the bass stabs and wanted to do it again but in a totally different way. I took my sound design to the next level experimenting with multiple lead patterns and bringing those thick kick and bass tones together. I’m most proud of the breakdown and how euphoric it is. There isn’t a track in my set that can match it at the moment.” – Will Sparks

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Next inline we have the formidable Israeli DJ/Producer duo RIOT who are sharing an extra special single in order to commemorate their ten year anniversary since their inception. Introducing ‘Buck shots’, which celebrates the past, present and future of the project and is dedicated to their loyal fans. Renowned the world over for their unique musical approach and genre blending capabilities, ‘Buck Shots’ is no different, featuring an explorative blend of bass, hip-hop and orchestral music. Don’t sleep on this incredibly special track.

”Buck shots was a journey from start to finish! An extension of our quest to explore new, innovative sounds. We continued to incorporate hip-hop-inspired elements with bass music while creating a piece of art that takes you on a musical journey. We’ve been eager to try the fusion of hard-hitting bass music with hip-hop and orchestral music for a long time. Easily one of our favorite tunes we wrote recently and we’re super excited for it to be our debut single with Deadbeats!” – RIOT

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Moving away from the dance world, we enter the completely opposite realms of modern hard rock next with Leeds based four-piece Wolforna and new single ‘Reset’. Fusing classic rhythm guitar, a punchy, in-your-face lead and powerful melodic vocals, Wolforna have the winning formula down to a T, all polished off with edgy bass and pounding percussion. ‘Reset’ is undoubtedly a shining example of not only their talents but also the all important chemistry they share as a band. With the sharpest of fangs Wolforna represent Rock n Roll at it’s absolute finest, raw, gritty and untameable and we can’t wait to hear more of what they have hidden up their claws.

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Moving from Rock N Roll world, we now step outside of the present and into dystopia with Brooklyn based artist Daytona Starsky and his debut album ‘Reality Station’. Pairing a WandaVision style aesthetic with enticing pop melodies, listeners are invited to step into his mind, sharing the idea of what a futuristic sonic journey might look and sound like. Delivering an eclectic, sci-fi inspired sonic soundscape combined with edgy alt pop, Daytona achieves the impossible in this incredibly intriguing project. To see it, is to believe it, so get stuck in.

 “I knew I wanted to write an album about something but had a hard time finding inspiration. But when the pandemic stopped the world, it gave me some much needed breathing room and got me thinking “since when are we in the future and how did we get here?” This was that lightbulb moment that freed me up to experiment with sounds and topics. From that point on, the album wrote itself.” ~ Daytona Starsky

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Next up we have new track ‘Colombia’ from progressive producer Electrohed. Pumped with energy right from the get go, ‘Colombia’ is a unique blend of acoustic percussion, electronic synths and vocal samplers. It’s robotic, futuristic and intricate, layered with sounds, rhythms and textures. A brave explorative odyssey of sound, Electrohed continues to push the boundaries with ‘Colombia’

“Colombia is inspired by Afro-latin rhythms twisted together with dusty electronica. The drums were recorded live but mangled through my collection of old-skool electro boxes before coming out the other end as this kind of dystopian distorted soundclash .”

Fancy some good old fashion, in your face, nostalgic pop music next? Well we have just the thing. Introducing Matthew Joseph and his lead single ‘Waiting’. Filled with all the early 2000’s feels, ‘Waiting’ is reminiscent of Blue, Five and the Backstreet Boys. Out simply it’s a slice of your guilty pleasure and ultimate faves all wrapped up in one.

Matthew says that “I Wrote the lyrics of this song about my POV of constantly waiting for my boyfriend. Waiting for what is open for interpretation. I wrote a draft of ‘waiting’ in 2020 about waiting for my big music industry break! then another for waiting for a proposal and this is both a guess, lots of hidden meanings.”

Last but by no means least we have new track ‘2007’ from 1tbsp, the indie-house project from Aussie artist Maxwell Byrne, otherwise known as Golden Vessel. ‘2007’ represents the second offering from his upcoming EP Joan. Vibrant, uplifting and layered with synths and samples, ‘2007’ is unique, light and an exciting new slice of whats to come. Luckily we won’t have to wait long for more from the versatile artist as the Joan EP is set for release in early December, so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

“This idea started from a day of recording with David Versace (ofFirst Beige), one of the first things he played was this synth line that I knew I wanted to try re-work it and speed up. After almost figuring the song out, George Nicholas (of Seekae) helped with the last few finishing touches. 2007 feels really influenced by a monthly club nightI was throwing in Brisbane last year called “sumoclic nights” (which both David & IDJ’d). My dance music taste and love for DJing really grew and this track feels like it’s a result of that time.”–1tbsp

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