Dance Collective: sunsetto, Smokers Club, Will Sparks, Sam Blacky, OLYM, Mishell Ivon, Ramzy

Here’s the latest a round of dance-worthy, electro-fuelled tracks for you lovely lot to check out! As always, we keep out doors open for all kinds of electronic music and that shows in the eclectic mix below.

‘too fast’ is the exhilarating new song from one of Toronto’s rising stars sunsetto who is coming up as the triple-threat of singer, songwriter and producer. Keeping true to the Canadian city’s multi-genre approach to music, the artist combines electronica, pop and hip-hop into this lively track. Coming out on top is his impressive vocal range, which swings from contemporary pop verses to soaring falsetto in the chorus. It’s clear that sunsetto lives in the fast lane.

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This is an unexpected remix of a 2009 track ‘Feel It All Around’ by Washed Out, not just because it’s an older song, but the way it’s come back into the cycle is by finding popularity on TikTok. This is how it came to the attention of producer Smokers Club who wanted to remake this indie tune for lovers of dance icons like Flume, Chainsmokers, Mo, Mome, ODESZA and Gorgon City. It’s a super fun remix that we had to add to our playlist.

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We welcome back Australian DJ Will Sparks once again who proves himself to be at the cutting edge of the house and techno scenes with his impactful single ‘Hard’ released by none other than Hardwell’s Revealed Recording. This newest work isn’t for the faint of heart and only the most dedicated of house connoisseurs will truly appreciate the horn-infused Dutch style and house-influenced bass lines that forge the way through this energetic mix.

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‘Move Like That’ is an irresistible deep house cut with a Latin music flair from multitalented DJ and producer Samantha Black, known by the moniker Sam Blacky. Suitably, this track was released by Mexican label Terms & Conditions (founded by well-known duo Tom & Collins). Between the warming Latin rhythms and the flowing electronic beats, it’s impossible to not want to move those feet while allowing that catchy vocal riff to seep into your psyche.

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OLYM first came to New York City to take the city by storm and make his way onto the stage by the way of musical Olympus. It’s the celebrity-drenched and non-stop lifestyle of NYC that inspired his latest song ‘Run Away (Into The Night)’. It tells to story of one of those impossible evenings where OLYM accidentally crashed Madonna’s private party uptown, from which the artist took the pulsating and relentless beats to the track. That insatiable beat is matched by layers of encapsulating vocals that shows off the artist’s diverse range of talents as an artist, songwriter, producer and lyricist.

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We delve further into dance music’s illustrious past with Mishell Ivon who captures the zeitgeist of late 80s club scene with addictive synth beats and grooving melodies. It’s no surprise that ‘More Than This’ is part of the artists Neon Pop series, since that title is a perfect reflection of the nostalgic, fresh and bright sounds. Produced by Canadian name Jordan Perry, this catchy tune is a cohesive and authentic retro dance-pop track.

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Here we have another deep house cut in the form of Ramzy’s ‘Sunrise’, which is a true-to-the-genre production made of sultry and über-modern beats that create a velvety vibe. This track comes recommended from the artist as a feel-good dance moment with a very nice melody for clubs, cars, homes, parties – practically every situation! While many EDM artists try to create a song that’s ideal for summer or a celebratory track for the wintertime, Ramzy has an all-encompassing approach that makes ‘Sunrise’ suitable for all seasons.

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