Mini Melon Mix Ups: Cassy London, Tuvaband, Jay Guernon, Thea & the Wild and Eugenia Post Meridiem

Hi, hey, hiya and howdy friends! Here’s hoping you are having a FAB Friday and are looking forward to that wondrous weekend ahead. We have the perfect little list of tunes to share with you this week, all hand picked and boogie-tested by our lovely melon heads. So sit back, relax and pop those headphones in!

First up on our hit-list is Cassy London, with her sophomore single ‘Yellow Bricks’. Vibrant, off-beat and super quirky, Cassy still manages to embed some sensuality into this slice of alt-pop goodness! Blending her rich vocals with layers of harmonies, held together with a trip hop beat, this one is sure to get you bopping along to her infectious new beat!

“‘Yellow Bricks’ symbolizes having the confidence to build and follow your own road, while up against the people that want to stand between you and your greatness.”Cassy London

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Next in line is the critically-acclaimed Norway-based artist Tuvaband with her new single, the indie folk pop masterpiece ‘Something Good’. A gorgeously soft, piano led ballad, ‘Something Good’ explodes into euphoria whilst remaining ever so eerie. A unique and alluring offering from the utterly intriguing, multi-dimensional and multi-talented artist. Having been the first time she has not only recorded everything herself but also mixed and mastered, makes this tune extra special. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as her album is set for release this January 2023.

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Buzzing pop artist Jay Guernon is back next with brand new track ‘Demon Time’. Intense, alluring and completely spellbinding, ‘Demon Time’ is deliciously dark and ever so more-ish. Exploring sexual temptation and tension, this track is a highly energetic blend of hip hop and infectious pop melodies. Clinging to the last rays of Summer, pop this on and bathe in the warm nostalgia, one last time!

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We have a full length album project for you next in the form of ‘Deadheading’ by Norwegian artist Thea & the Wild. Embodying a gorgeous softer, countryside edge and a welcoming indie infused nature soundscape, Thea’s new project is a gorgeous listen through and through. Feathered with her intuitive melodies, she gives a detailed picture of life in rural Norway and the beauty, simplicity yet hardness of her new found home there. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem!

 “I feel an ownership over this record that I haven’t felt with past records. Being surrounded by nature is helping me grow into myself in so many powerful ways. It’s a good life.” – Thea

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Last but by no means least, we have a new track from our favourite Italian Indie outfit Eugenia Post Meridiem. The four-piece band first caught our attention 3 weeks ago with their first 2022 single, the wondrous ‘willpower’ which had us hooked from the very first second. Hot on the tails of this release, they now share their next slice of enigmatic euphoria in the form of the incredible ‘around my neck’.

Packed to the rafters with rhythm, flavour, soul, spice and all things nice, ‘around my neck’ has you on your toes from the get go. Featuring switch ups, endless energy and a healthy dose of weird and wacky, they pack in a little sprinkle of every genre and influence you can imagine with absolute taste and ultimate flair. With their sophomore album ready for release in November, we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

“This song was born from a riff written by Giovanni during the lockdown and reworked afterwards. The original composition had a crazy chord progression that was simplified during the arrangement process ending up in a loop of four chords played over an afrobeat groove which breaks when the chorus hits, changing the hypnotic mood of the verse, the bass drops and the mood becomes darker and colder, than a monotone voice leads once again to the verse and in the end leads to a male choir improvisation, a dreamy vocal prayer that blends gradually in a dawn. Those musical ideas are conceptualised in the lyrics as a mantra repeating itself almost like a prayer about what we probably mean when we say ‘human freedom’. We are trying to summon an image of someone facing two giants: life and death; being frozen by deep fear, but then at a time having this feeling of being something way more noble and greater, an ‘existence’ that walks over them.”Eugenia Post Meridiem

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