‘Dreaming’ is the hedonistic rave anthem from Australian producer Will Sparks

One of our favourite Australian producers, Will Sparks, is back for a third time with new track ‘Dreaming’. The pioneer of emerging genre Melbourne Bounce first came onto our radar with his landmark Nothing More, Nothing Less EP, which was swiftly followed up by the boogie-worthy ‘Say It Again’ as seen in our collective Mini Melon Mix Ups.

There’s no doubt that he carved out a secure place for himself in the dance music realm with his future-facing apparoach, but that doesn’t mean that Sparks is immune to the influence on the past. On ‘Dreaming’, he pays tribute to the rave culture of the past by reimagining his own warehouse part anthem. The pulsating beat ricochets around the metallic space of this formidable track, which features crashing synths and intricate electronic samples. We can practically hear the whistles and see the glow sticks now.

“One night I was dreaming that I was dancing, so I woke up and made this.”

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