Mini Melon Mix Ups: K.Kayne, Jeff Chana, Freya Beer, Joe Ramsey, Emily Coupe, Aaron Lawlor, Will Sparks, Omri, Ex Habit, Mark Borino and 44 Ardent

Welcome once again dear readers and fellow music lovers to a fantastic collection of new tunes to carry us on into the weekend! Give them a listen, share and follow if they take your fancy, but most of all enjoy!

Let’s first introduce you to Reading-based rapper K.Kayne with new track ‘Loco’. His distinctively British style comes in hard over complex trap beats and dreamy guitar lines, creating a contrast between the easy flow and staccato rhythm. That’s important, because for the young name, this track is about being overwhelmed by the kismet of everything, because it’s almost too good to be true.

“When you’re freaking out about how things are going in life, but know you’re on the right track”.

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Next up, we have another UK talent, although this time arriving from West London. Of course, it’s Jeff Chana and his latest release ‘Superman’, an uplifting message born out of the hardship of the pandemic. This singer-songwriter celebrates our ability to survive, thrive and overcome obstacles – we can all be our superheroes. This optimistic, pop track is the most recent in a string of thematic ballads that Chana began sharing in 2021 and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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Let’s shift gears once again for some moody indie-rock dressed in alluring glam-goth attire. That’s the distinctive sound of Freya Beer’s new single ‘Love Child’, a ravishing retaliation to toxic relationships. The London-based musician is super charismatic with her slinky vocals, which she uses to cut down another’s ego to size.

“My new single ‘Love Child’ is an important release as it touches upon the subject of “gaslighting”. In comparison to my previous releases, this is not a love song. The lyrics speak from the experience of coming across individuals in life who undermine and try to claim your knowledge and creativity by opposing themselves as the victim in the situation they’ve caused. The subject of the song is something which I haven’t touched upon in my songwriting before but being able to share it on a wider platform and become a story which people can relate to is a way of telling my story.”

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We’re still processing the strange time that was lockdown and thankfully there’s been a healthy stream of tracks to help us through, with the latest being Joe Ramsey’s ‘Another Day’. The sincere indie-rock single is a cathartic burst of emotion that delights in the little things that get us through our day-to-day.

“’Another Day’ is about enjoying the simple things in life that I once took for granted. Through lockdown, I was given a creative freedom which I had never had before, allowing me to truly express my emotions and feelings at that time. I was going to bed one night and had the line ‘Should I be as happy as I am right now?’ stuck in my head, and that is the core and centre of the track’s meaning. It is a very special song to me, and the one that means the most.”

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Emily Coupe blasts onto our musical radar this week with the upbeat, punchy, angst filled‘One To Blame’. Catchy, powerful and filled with an eclectic mix of classic pop, americana and a dash of country thrown in the mix. Emily Coupe is coming in all guns blazing with this newest number!

“It’s about that fire inside that pushes each of us,” Coupe said. “I wanted to capture that sting of failing, toxic relationships and turn it into something that unfortunately many out there – especially young women – could relate to.” – Emily Coupe

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Next up we some of the finest new hip-hop and drill coming from the Emerald Isle, in the form of new single ‘Van Der Sar’ by Aaron Lawlor. Delivering an undeniable fierceness, ‘Van Der Sar’ is a blend of 90’s boom bap, drill and post-punk. Theres a lot of underground, seriously cool new music coming out of Ireland at the moment. They are creating a scene all for themselves and Aaron Lawlor has firmly claimed his spot.

“It’s about calling out people pretending to be something they’re not. I stand with those who express themselves the way they want and not to be part of a group just because of the fear of being slagged or looked at differently. That’s why I wrote this song.” – Aaron Lawlor

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Ready to boogie? This next one will have you up on your feet and dancing to the pulsating beat in no time. New single ‘Say it Again’ from Dance artist Will Sparks has just dropped and this time he has returned to returns to Armada Music for the release. Pop this invigorating house track on your house party playlist and lets get moving!

“I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, this hits different”Will Sparks

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Israli born, La based Omri is up next with new single ‘i wanna say’. Filled with nostalgia soaked lyricism and threads of self doubt, all encompassed in a catchy alt-pop, dance inducing beat. He plays on emotional themes and self-awareness and has a knack for using unique synths and writing interesting rhythmic patterns. Don’t sleep on this intriguing, rising artist!

I get inspired by everything, and I always write about my own personal life. I never write a story that isn’t mine, so I’d say my own life inspires me in a way. This song is geared toward a depressing situation that is better told in a playful way, which you can hear from the sound, too. It focuses on being in a bad place mentally or emotionally, and that moment when someone asks you, ‘how are you?‘ You’re in a position of wanting to answer that everything is fine, while also being faced with the fact that it’s not — hence the song’s title: ‘I wanna say – I’m just fine.’ It underlines the fact that it’s hard to continuously be asked how you’re doing, and stopping yourself from fully telling the truth.”   – Omri

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Welcome to the alternative dark side with new single ‘Who Do You Want’ from Ex Habit. Eerie, sexy and with a production prowess unlike any other, (at only 20yrs old), Ex Habits sound is unmistakable. Complicated, heavy, industrial style beats and synths are in this artists arsenal and we can see this track sitting pretty on a number of new Netflix TV series or another 50 shades of Grey spinoff?

“The song tells a story of a toxic relationship that has fallen apart. Once loving and warm, it has turned bitter and hurtful, yet both people are so attached to each other and each other’s bodies that they keep getting back together. The narrator speaks about the components of the relationship, as he sings in the song, ‘pain & pleasure; love & damage; lust & phantoms.’  These themes seep into the chorus, as he admits both his and her feelings: ‘I lied / I’m wrong / I’m high / Who do you want babe / You fight / You hope / You hide / Who do you want babe.’ There is a clear painting of him as the villain in both of their tragic stories.”  – Ex Habit

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We have a high octane, energy filled number next from billboard charting, award winning songwriter, the formidable Mark Borino. He’s revealed his newest certified banger ‘Headlights’ which celebrates the unexpected twists and turns that life throws at us. Highlighting the important of living in and living for the moment, ‘Headlights’ is layered with perfectly produced synths and painted with Mark’s smooth, inviting and familiar vocal. It’s a feel good Summer anthem that makes for a welcomed addition to our upcoming sun fuelled evening playlist.

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Last but by no means least we are finishing off this weeks series with killer new track from Aussie producer 44 Ardent. He delivers another chilled slice of Lo-fi atmospheric house in the form of new single ’95overflow’. Dreamy vocals, light harmonic synth work and some upbeat percussion make for the perfect track to finish this weeks MMM on.

“This song has been remade about four times and started with just the vocal and piano that comes in at around one-minute. The lyrics are sort of a reflection on the bleakness of our changing climate and how it feels like we aren’t really doing that much about it.I particularly like the transition between the house inspired beat and then the breaks section in the middle of the song. I thought it was a bit odd to have those two styles clashing in one song at first, but it has grown on me. The biggest challenge for this song to work was getting the two concurrent bass lines in the chorus to work together without clashing too much. I tried just going with one bass line but two is way more fun.”–44 Ardent

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