‘Queen’ is Meagan De Lima’s soulful R&B to mother figures in our lives

Mother’s Day might have passed in the UK, but it’s coming up quick for those in Canada, America and other countries this weekend. Where ever you might be living, there’s never an excuse needed to celebrated your mother, but just in case you need some reminding, here’s ‘Queen’ from Meagan De Lima. The Toronto artist takes one of her greatest inspirations – her mum – and gives us this gorgeous, soul and R&B leaning ballad.

As Meagan explains in the quote below, her incredible mother is a cancer survivor, as well as taking all the other knocks and bumps of life that we all go through with dignity.

Produced by Mark Pelli (Sabrina Claudio, Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Jojo), ‘Queen’ is super warm, rich and full of love. We can all find a mother figure in our life to celebrate by sharing ‘Queen’ with them.

“I love my mom. I made this song to shine a light on her heart, and the ferocity and resiliency that makes her march to the beat of her own drum. My mom not only inspires me as a passionate mother of three and a South Asian immigrant to Canada but also because of the mountains she’s climbed later in life, too. She is a breast cancer survivor, played a support role to my father when he was diagnosed a year later, and so much more. I am grateful to have had her to look up to not only as a mom but as a best friend and role model to lean on when times got tough. I want to dedicate this song not only to her but to the dynamic and fierce people we all have in our lives that inspire us and show us what genuine love and strength are made of.”

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