Mini Melon Mix Ups: Lemonade Baby, Mastergrief, Lakookala, Codeko, MOLTENO, Dull Reality, OMIDO & Ex Habit, Tuvaband and 88/89

We’ve got another huge collection of tracks for our complete mix up of sounds, genres and artists. After all, variety is the spice of life, so enjoy the melange of excellent tunes!

A factor of breaking up in the modern age includes unfollowing, unfriending or blocking an ex (lover or friend), especially if that relationship ended in a bad way. It’s what we have to do in order to fully move on and Lemonade Baby has made a playful, alternative-pop anthem to celebrate taking you power back in the form of aptly named ‘i blocked ur account’.

“I overheard a conversation between two girls about how they were cutting a toxic relationship out of their life and how they needed to ‘block’ their social media accounts.To me it’s such a bizarre thing that we have the power to remove people from our lives via the internet. Obviously the girls had very valid reasons to distance themselves from the person but it’s still pretty wild to overhear a conversation like that irl…so I wrote a song about it, giving a big applause to everyone who’s cutting them toxicsssss out! The production was inspired by a lot of Charlie Puth Tiktok’s and Julian Casablancas’s solo album ‘Phrazes For The Young’. A blend of dry sugary Pop and guitar and distorted vocals. It’s fun, young and playful, but still tryin 2 be cool.”

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British alt-rockers Mastergrief have just released their debut album Fey, a seven-track record that swings from the rockier, more guitar-heavy title track ‘Fey’ all the way on to slow-burning angular number ‘Slipper’. With LP release comes a new focus track, which is the pensive closer ‘Asterion’, which is a gossamer composition of melancholic melodies and sensitive vocals which build into an explosive crescendo.

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Alt-pop artist Lakookala has revealed her unique new video ‘Outside of Your Body’, the perfect tune to let loose, get down and boogie to, Lakookala has created a track in which we can all shake off the collective pressures of society. Energetic, confident and punchy, it’s a big, welcomed buzz off to all the unnecessary stresses placed upon us with a quirky, fun and no f*cks given visual and quite frankly we

“The world is radically different than it was a few years ago. I needed to re-energize, and was having a difficult time reconnecting to myself, and others. I started writing about all the ways in which I cope, all the usual vices that I go through. I realized how much I missed dancing it off in a sweaty club with friends, and what a healing energy it is to dance. This song is about daydreaming, celebrating coping mechanisms, facing shadows, and expressing rage. It is an ode to my younger self, watching MTV, living in a fantasy and dancing it off.” – Lakookala

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Next up on our radar is UK based Ed Clark aka Codeko. Having originally trained in classical music, Codeko now finds himself right at home within the electronic music scene and uses his knowledge and skills in either genres to create the best of both worlds. Now with his debut EP ‘Trust Fall’ we finally get the full package and boy, was it worth the wait. An emotional journey from start to finish, ‘Trust Fall’ oozes with melodious vocals, dynamic electronic beats and catchy top lines, all ready for Codeko to take the festival circuit by storm this year.

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With her debut EP Elements 1, it’s MOLTENO’s time to shine now. Deeply passionate about the surrounding elements, the moon and the stars, she creates the ultimate dream-like soundscape to float her listener off and into outer space. Created in her bedroom studio and joined by collaborators of every nature, she takes her reality and blends it with the unforeseen and surreal. Not to be missed ‘Elements 1’ is a healing alt pop/RnB journey into and beyond our world, as we know it.

“With Element 1 I wanted to explore the positive and negative aspects of the element of fire, from its destructive powers to its illuminating force. It’s the first of four EPs that aim to celebrate the elements and the way nature connects us. I want the releases to help inspire us to not take our planet for granted.”MOLTENO

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Aussie based newcomer Ben Shields AKA Dull Reality has revealed his new single ‘Fragment’, a delectable slice of ambient house music includes elements of Nicolas Jaar, Thom Yorke and Aphex Twin bubbling under the surface. Expertly layered and perfectly produced, ‘Fragment’ is as the name suggests, a disjointed medley of electronic sounds melded into a relaxed, yet driving summer infused house beat.

“It was a bit of a process to write this song-I worked on it for 2 months and it went through many iterations. It grew from a drum pattern and a few vocal lines I had sung and recorded early on as I was exploring the anxiety that I was feeling in the early stages of my partner’s pregnancy with our first child. There’s a few weird elements in the song, from the main harp line to the vocals and droning background synths. I wanted to deliver that“weirdness”with a repetitive and easy to digest baseline and song structure that mostly repeats and builds.I’d been listening to Holly Herndon’s latest album which has some lovely choral singing, and I was inspired to try some chorused highly edited vocals.I had full lyrics written for the song but they were ultimately edited out and the vocals ended up a kind of fragmented, crystallised version of what they had been.They’re more of a feeling now rather than words and that ultimately seemed quite appropriate for what I was going through at that time.” Dull Reality

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We have a delicious new collab for you next in the form of ‘PLEASE’ via CloudKid’s very own OMIDO and Ex Habit. Teaming up to create a track that is dripping with lust, passion and desire, ‘PLEASE’ harnesses all of those delectable, sensual dark pop vibes and is coupled with raunchy lyricism and an epic pre-chorus drop. A match made in heaven, ‘PLEASE’ is covered with Ex Habits capable vocals and OMIDOS popping production, make sure you add this one to your ‘Bedroom/Rendezvous’ playlist, ASAP.

The song is about a secret relationship that’s built on mutual desire; that indescribable attraction that overpowers any sense or sign of logic. It’s drunk calling the person you know you really shouldn’t be calling just because you can’t resist. It’s dark, hot, right and wrong at the same time.” – Ex Habit

The song perfectly describes the back and forth dynamic of a sinful relationship. You know it’s not right, but it can’t be that wrong if it feels that good, right?”  – OMIDO

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Critically acclaimed, Norway native Tuvaband dives head first onto our musical palates now with her new indie-rock tune ‘Rejuvenate’. Having earned over 40 million cumulative streams on Spotify to date, Tuvaband is certainly no stranger to the scene and partnered with her recently earned Grammy nomination, it’s clear she’s not here to mess around. With haunting vocals and dreamy guitars which create the ultimate soundscape, Tuvaband might just be our newest obsession yet.

During the height of COVID, I listened to music to feel comforted. I wanted to write something that felt soothing, and as this is a song about a friendship, I decided to write from a more empathic angle.”Tuvaband

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Rock duo 88/89 are here to close off this edition of MMM with their new, angelic, indie-rock packed track ‘Never Been So High’. Friends and partners in musical crime (the good kind) they may just steal your hearts and your ear drums. Featuring a delightful combination of soft vocals delicately overlaid on a smorgasbord of synths, drum machines and gritty guitars, these two have nailed that dream rock sound and we are hooked, line and sinker. 

 “The full lyric is “never been so high In love”, so it’s really about that. At the time we wrote it, we were experimenting with throwing lots of different sounds together to create a sort of patchwork quilt of a song. We were jumping from synths to drum machines to guitars quite quickly. Once we had the music down, we let it guide the vocal creation and once we had that key line, the rest fell into place. Then we became briefly obsessed with trying to create a Backstreet Boys-style harmony which became the chorus that you hear.– 88/89

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