GhostDragon releases future-bass and EDM-pop debut album, could’ve been us

Regret, and especially when you’re reflecting on a past relationship, can be laced with all kinds of bittersweet emotions. Those can be hard or even impossible to verbalize, which is where music can step in. As you’ll read in the quote below, the rising songwriter and producer GhostDragon wanted to summarise that thought process for his debut album, could’ve been us.

The nine-track record takes us through a rollercoaster of sincere feelings which showcases an impressive sense of maturity from the 21-year-old Berklee College of Music graduate. He uses the invigorating textures of future-bass and lyrical storytelling to evoke a very specific mindset across all the singles. There’s a gorgeous piano and synth version of Christina Perri’s iconic ‘A Thousand Years’, alongside original tracks like the radio-ready, 90s-inspired banger ‘honest’ or the EDM ballad ‘karma’. You’ll also notice a full cast of featured artists who compliment GhostDragon’s dynamic style.

We’ll let you make up you own mind about which of these tracks are you favourite, check out the full album below.

“This album is for the people that always think about the outcome if they did something different and wondering if it “could’ve been us.” Been working on this album for almost over a year now and I’m super proud of what it turned into. Hope everyone can resonate with the story of this album.”

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