Skydive is the newest experimental hypersonic track from Texas trio WAVEDASH

Nothing hits quite so hard as this absolute banger of a track ‘Skydive’ from Texas trio WAVEDASH (aka Gavin Bendt, Luke Shippey and Michael Stone). The name definitely suits this sonic free-fall of shattered synths and kinetic electronica which are patterned with an unrelenting ferocity. Just like the static vision style artwork that represents ‘Skydive’, the human element of this song arrives as a the ghostly aura, odd clips of warped vocals bubbling in the background.

For WAVEDASH, ‘Skydive’ is the latest evolution of their hypersonic sound and experimental composition. There’s plenty more exciting new work from this unparalleled duo to come.

“A new era begins. Sitting on a record for 4 years is a thing of the past for us now. We’re putting out the sound we want, when we want.”

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