Chatterbox: Sarah Kinsley chats lucid dreaming, DJ dabbling and creatively coping with quarrantine.

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

I have the absolute wildest dreams of anyone I know. Anyone I’ve ever met in any capacity and any moment in my life are just smashed together into one weird scene. The first song I ever wrote was called Impossible? Or Eternal? Either way, it’s terrible. Wrote it when I was ten. Everything rhymes for the entire song. I have a pet fish, Poncho. I can also lucid dream.

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

A friend of mine inspired me to start learning how to DJ, so I’ve had Jamiroquai, The Black Madonna, Gilmore, Daft Punk, HAAi and The Swiss on repeat. I’m finding myself again in ABBA, Angel Olsen, Luna Li, The Cure, Queen, Adrianne Lenker, The Japanese House, and many more. 24/7.

What are you currently working on?

My EP’s been out for six weeks now, but I’ve got a few singles lined up that I can’t wait to put out. One of my favorites is called “Moon Under the Water.” It’s this story about someone who believes the moon is underwater when really it’s just its reflection coming from the sky. I’m trying to talk about how we can become so convinced of our perceptions and what’s in front of us that we might miss the truth entirely. I’m exploring my own moments of being in the wrong, maybe even redeeming myself through this somehow. I actually came up with that story after a game of Mahjong, this board game my family and I have been addicted to recently.

What are your plans for this year, has the current state of things affected those?

I had performances that were cancelled, so I didn’t have the chance to perform my EP on stage. It’s tough, I mean playing the music live is the only way to truly express it and embody it, but it’s okay! I’m lucky to have the chance to work on what I love. This includes watching lots of Zoom concerts and Instagram lives too. I recently watched Ashe’s “Pet Sounds” concert to honor the anniversary of The Beach Boys’ album. Making the best of the worst really.

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Try something (safe) that you’ve never done before. This is how I stay sane. Journal everyday, record this insane period. Try growing strawberries out of eggshells. My dad and I are taking a crack at watercolor painting. My mom and I are practicing yoga and meditation. My brother and I are trying to kick a soccer ball between us for as long as possible. Distract your mind, use your hands and move your body. I’m working to be kind to my soul.

Beyond these, I find a lot of comfort in using my actions to help others too. Support artists, support venues. Losses in touring revenue are hitting independent artists and independent venues the hardest. Legendary places in NYC that I love are pairing up with NIVA (the National Independent Venue Association) to petition and email senators and representatives for funding. One click on our phones for a chance to keep these places alive. 

All of this, my tips and my advice, comes from a really really lucky place. Getting through this time means supporting each other and supporting our local businesses in any way that we can. Stay inside, stay connected. That’s all I can say. 

You can listen to Sarahs latest single here:


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