Boon releases genre blending debut EP – ’16’.

Nashville Native and newcomer Boon has released his debut EP ’16’, marking the age at which he self produced and released this interesting introduction. Having had no prior singles, Boon is kicking things off straight away and we admire his fearless nature and tenacity here which also evidently seeps across into his musical content.

Pushing the boundaries and blending a multitude of genres, Boon shows us from the get go that he cannot be contained or confined and wastes no time setting the tone for what he’s all about and whats inevitably to come.

’16’ contains 5 tracks which have underlying coats of dark, moody and gritty pop, whilst efficiently merging elements of blues, trap and touches of EDM, ingeniously creating an immersive and utterly unique listening experience for all those who dare to explore.

“The whole song is kind of like this internal dialogue with someone at a party. You haven’t actually said anything out loud, but there’s a connection. 100 Degrees is supposed to be the song you can crank in your car with friends and the windows down. It’s an outlier on the EP—it’s not as dark and broody—but the distorted 808s and heavy drums keep my signature sound present”.

– Boon.


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