Nan Macmillan releases the hauntingly beautiful ‘How Many Miles.’

Charlottesville based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nan Macmillan has released the simply soft and hauntingly beautiful ‘How Many Miles’.

Pushing the very seams of Americana and Folk with just a splash of Indie rock, Nan expertly dives and effortlessly flows through each with grace and understanding. With a soul soothing vocal that wraps itself around the listener, providing the ultimate comfort blanket to sink into.

It’s this, accompanied by the carefully crafted lyrical content and story telling melodies that draw you in, hook, line and sinker when it comes to ‘How Many Miles’. Having studied music and poetry writing at the University of Virginia, it’s no wonder her songs echo that of a true wordsmith.

There is nothing to disguise or hide behind when it comes to Nan’s music, it is so blissfully apparent that she plays from the heart and her songs serve as a welcome reminder to listen, to feel and to express.


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