Dyasono debuts punchy alt pop tune – ‘Walk Away’.

LA based, Dyasono otherwise known as Anindya Kartika, or Nindy for short is the alternative, electro -pop, singer-songwriter and experimental genius behind debut tune ‘Walk Away’. Born in Indonesia, but raised in Malaysia, she moved to LA in 2011 and has since been exploring and perfecting her unique sound.

With the perfect amount of angst and edge, lusciously sweet pop melodies, and unfiltered, unafraid production, Dyasono combines this with lyrical content that dives down into the innermost depths of her emotion. With an unconventional yet innovative structure and vibe throughout ‘Walk Away’ is the empowering, quirky break up song you never knew you needed.

“Walk Away is my break-up song. Everyone has experienced that person in their lives; the person that you thought would be the one. Most first loves end up being traumatic experiences that break your heart into pieces, over, and over, throughout the relationship. Whether that person means to hurt you or not, you are hurt, and you are being hurt. This song is about becoming aware of deserving better, leaning into the frustration, then building the strength to leave it all behind.” – Dyasono


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