Tina Rix combines mental health, healing, and music in No Looking Back LP

Tina Rix is easily one of the most interesting artists we’ve covered here at PM. Not only is she a talented musician and songwriter representing the Nigerian-American community, but she’s also a licensed psychotherapist, outpatient mental health clinic owner and award-winning film director. She’s clearly in her own polymath category. These camps of varying creativity and skill aren’t entirely seperate either, in fact Rix utilises her knowledge and expertise in the mental health field to create her incredibly insightful songs.

These tracks have now been collected into an enlightened 17-track album, titled No Looking Back, which takes the listener on a journey of all the highs and lows that life has to offer, especially from the perspective on an internal experience.

While there’s so many gemstone-like singles to choose from in our review of this album, we’ll pick out a couple of golden ones to give you a flavour of what you can look forward to. For example, opening track ‘Foul Play’ incorporates vibrant Afrobeat rhythms which acts as a punchy backdrop to Rix’s soulful voice; she narrates a rocky relationship and the impact that has on the protagonist’s sense of self worth. Already we’re being exposed to raw emotions.

Another high point is title-track ‘No Looking Back’, which has a much more American sound with the minimalist backbeats and anthemic synths. Rix’s voice is as rich and meaningful as ever, and in contrast to that opening track, her stance is much more confident. She’s taking back her power and encourages the listener to do the same. It’s just so honest and relatable.

We’ll not spoil the rest of this engaging debut album for you, instead you can find the entire stream to listen to at your leisure below.

This album is a healing journey album. I’m an abuse survivor and licensed psychotherapist specializing in deep rooted trauma. I’m authentic and raw, and that vibe shows throughout the album. I’m extremely proud of this 17 track album.”

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