French Original curates an electro-pop experience with ‘Stay’

Come the weekend we love a banger here at Purple Melon. Usually we’d dip into our Mini Melon Mix Up or Dance Collective playlists, but this one was so good that we thought it deserved a stand alone review. What we’re talking about it the EDM-pop thriller ‘Stay’ from the multi-talented artist French Original. From Cannes, of the film festival fame, he presents a distinctly European club sound that uses emotive synths and pulsating beats to drive the listeners’ emotions towards a state of cathartic release.

Although French Original is well known for his impactful DJ set, with ‘Stay’ her offers his audience as truly curative experience by doubling down on those retro synths and electro-pop core. You can listen to this track literally anywhere and anytime, and that is quite the achievement.

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