Philadelphia-based Ivy Sole releases ‘Lovely Fiction’, a searingly honest reflection on motherhood

Ivy Sole is a Philadelphia-based rapper, songwriter and singer who is becoming an important voice within the scene. Her lyrical meditations carry weight, an emotional significance that can sometimes be lacking from contemporary records; often drawing upon themes pertaining to social justice, heartache and everyday struggles. ‘Lovely Fiction’ is Sole’s searingly honest new single, a reflection on motherhood in all its guts and glory.

“I reached out with the idea of filming my friend Auri & her daughter Oma for this video, and I was so happy that we could connect on something that showcased their love. She also pays homage to her mother who she lost but accompanies her with each moment, particularly as she grows as a mother herself. My friend Afaq shared her story with me, about how she’s often a caretaker alongside and in place of her mother. Though she feels connected to her, she’d like to break some of the chains of generational trauma and heartache that her mother carries with her, signified by the red yarn binding her to herself and her memories.”


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