bb ivy’s emotional electro-pop track ‘Losing Sleep’ is about restless nights and heartbreak

We feel safe in saying that almost everyone has gone through bouts of insomnia at some point in their lives. It’s a natural human response to times of stress, overthinking or even heartbreak; it’s the last of these three options that we encounter in the emotive pop single ‘Losing Sleep’ from bby ivy.

As you’ll hear in the stream below, this electro-pop production pivots between the diary-like verses, in which simplistic finger clips back up bby ivy’s heart-wrenching confessions, and the sing-along choruses, in which the instrumentation bursts into life and the artist’s vocal springs into action. What gives this track such a great sense of feeling is that the songwriter’s had drawn inspiration from her own experience, and in this way, we can more earnestly relate to those restless nights of re-running every argument, missed chance, and what ifs.

“I was going through a very difficult time of really missing someone who I had broken up with. When the time came and I wanted them back they had already moved on. I couldn’t sleep or even go on with my day without thinking about them. I guess in some ways I got what I deserved for letting them go, but I’ll never forget those restless nights. ‘Losing Sleep’ is the perfect depiction of that.”

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