Rosie Alexandra shares her remarkable self titled debut EP

A short time ago we were fortunate enough to have stumbled hook, line and sinker into the gorgeous world of Brighton based Rosie Alexandra. ‘Lullaby’ was the perfect, warm welcome to her artistry, softly easing us in with arms open wide like a dear old friend. She bathed us in her glorious, buttery, heart melting vocals and quite frankly, we’ve been captivated ever since.

It’s truly a phenomenal feat to create art that makes the listener feel such a sense of comfort and peace all whilst equally feeling so seen and heard. You can see yourself in Rosie’s music, you can connect in such a deep and human level which is a golden rarity. She doesn’t create and churn out music for the sake of it, her process is delicate, dripping with authenticity and embedded with folds of intimacy. She bares her soul with each and every release and that is something truly special to witness.

Now, with the release of her full length project, we are gifted with the entire atmospheric sonic experience. A delectable combination of soft, ballad like pop, RnB and soothing soul, Rosie paints vivid colours with her inviting and healing tones. From acoustic to anthemic, she sits happily at home within multiple musical realms.

Consisting of 6 carefully curated tracks, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Ramble’, ‘You’, ‘Cabin’, ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Become’ the self titled EP is the perfect entrance into the industry, one that is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry. Marking the beginning of an exciting and utterly entrancing journey, we cannot wait to witness Rosie as she continues to unfurl.

By Nadia Meli

“My debut EP is poignantly candid, and consists of 6 songs, all of which reveal a piece of me and my journey with life so far. The release is set to exhibit my very real, open and warm character, with a sense of true grounding in hope and optimism. A combination of tunes from stripped, raw piano ballads to euphoric self-love anthems, this EP is a real and authentic journey that transitions from pure, raw hurt to an awakening of personal change, growth and hope.– Rosie Alexandra

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