Premiere: Sydney Fay reveals intimate jazz-pop single ‘Until the End’

Brooklyn based, modern day, singer-songwriter Sydney Fay reveals the sophisticated and poignant ‘Until The End’. Oozing with soft Jazzy tones Sydney Fay’s vocal stops you dead in your tracks. It’s bathed in a traditional sound, with influences from 1940’s – 1950’s Jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker yet boasts a unique and alluring contemporary twist. With outstandingly gorgeous vocal runs, that leave a Hiatus Kaiyote taste in the mouth, Sydney’s sound is warm and oh so welcoming.

The first single of the year so far ‘Until the End’ is filled with technique, talent and dusted with Sydneys formidable yet silky smooth vocal. Holding such power and prowess in such a velvet-like sound is incredibly impressive and utterly masterful. Her vocal commands attention and draws her listener in, captivating them with every carefully crafted lyric.

Overflowing with intimacy ‘Until the End’ is raw and laid bare, stripped back to just an acoustic guitar, electric guitar and upright bass, allowing Sydneys blend of folk inducing, jazz-pop to shine through and drift through the air, creating a sound that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended.

“‘Until the End’ is a song about longing for someone who’s lying right next to you—someone with whom you might share an unrequited love. You’re just holding your breath for the moment it all fades away. I feel like it’s a familiar feeling for a lot of people, and I wanted to capture it.” – Sydney Fay

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