Rapper Jay Kayze proves all you need is a ‘Dollar N a Dream’

As the first single to be released from his upcoming mixtape Freestyles & Phantoms, ‘Dollar N a Dream’ sets the stage for Jay Kayze and his hard-hitting brand of Bay Area rap.

An empowering, raw & real rendition, ‘Dollar N a Dream’ takes its influence from renowned lyricists such as J.Cole, who has been a continual source of inspiration for Jay Kayze on his journey as a rising musician and rapper. Boasting a pop-rock leaning, old-school Hip-Hop instrumental (produced by Koste), this powerful anthem discusses the realities of making it in rap, ignoring your haters and the importance of staying hungry.

“I’m tryna make y’all see, all it takes is love / A dollar, dreams, n’ a team, to lift you up”

– Jay Kayze

Jay Kayze – ‘Dollar N’ a Dream’ Official Music Video

Accompanied by an eye-catching visual directed & edited by Louis Ramirez, Jay Kayze shows off dynamic flows and complex rhyme schemes in this impressive part-freestyle, part-written track. The captivating freestyle element of the second verse was inserted to create a level of raw, hip-hop authenticity, delivered in just 1 take, Jay Kayze turned to one of his idols, “one take Jay” (Jay-Z) for inspiration; once again, applying the methods of rap legends before him into his own work.

An incredible offering and a tantalising taste of what’s to come, ‘Dollar N a Dream’ teases the essence and sets the bar for the upcoming Freestyles & Phantoms tape. Having shared an opening stage with the likes of Nas, Rakim & Too short, as well as receiving co-signs from The Game & DC YoungFly, it’s evident that Jay Kayze is on the brink of something big and with bags of talent, bars and determination to boot, Jay Kayze is certainly one to watch this year.

Jay Kayze – Dollar N a Dream


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