Rosie Alexandra wows with the heartbreakingly honest ‘Lullaby’

Once in a blue moon you stumble across an artist who completely takes you off guard. An artist who disarms your ears, your usual listening parameters are thrown to the wind and you find yourself stunned at the level of resonation you feel with this new found stranger and their art.

This such artist is Rosie Alexandra, with her soft, wispy, yet quietly powerful vocals that dance on the veils of an utterly gorgeous track, ‘Lullaby’ is the first offering of 2022 from the young artist and one that is sure to comfort the very depths of your soul. With lyrical content that is delivered with such care, kindness and authenticity, ‘Lullaby’ is a rarity, lovingly speaking to countless women who have found themselves in similar situations and doing so with the utmost respect and understanding.

Photo's by Nadia Meli

‘Lullaby’ comes dressed as a dear, trusting friend all wrapped up in a song. Delicate, divine melodies encompassed in Rosies warm, tender accent endearingly serenade you as you lose yourself in the ebb and flow of the track, clinging to the fabrics of the sonics, never wanting it to end. The songwriting itself is unique and untethered, a welcomed breath of fresh air which feels so very humanistic, a trait not often found in the vast sea of new music. You can clearly decipher her influences of YEBBA and Adele but Rosie shows up unapologetically herself within her music and this initial offering marks the coming of her anticipated debut EP of the same name.

As much as her soothing vocals could sing you into a peaceful slumber, ‘Lullaby’ is much more than a sleep inducer, created to help guide and soothe someone who may find themselves in despair, not knowing which way to turn. Rosie is a truly exciting, emerging artist who has something extra special tucked away within her, which piece by piece is slowly being shared with the world, arguably perhaps when the world needs it most.

Januarys can often feel a little dismal, so be extra gentle with yourself. Rest, reset and pop ‘Lullaby’ on as the perfect winter remedy.

Dedicated to my sister and best friend, Lullaby is written for any woman who has endured more than they should have, or can’t see a way out from inside a painful relationship. Let your heart absorb it and your soul start dreaming of your true worth. ‘Lullaby’ is the title track of my upcoming debut EP. It exposes some of the most vulnerable reflections of my experiences as a woman, both personally and through supporting other women. I am honoured that my time volunteering with Brighton’s ‘Safehaven Women’, blessed me with time spent with some of life’s most incredible and inspiring women. Moments that have shaped me forever – Rosie Alexandra

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