Sounds of healing: listen to Sis’ Gnani EP

Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist Sis kicks off her 2022 with the release of new EP, Gnani, featuring her two previous released tracks ‘Wooie’ and ‘Double Rapture’. The EP expands upon her experimental exploration of electronica and pop.

A sound cultivated out of airy analogue synths, rolling beats, her delicate breathy vocals and vintage keyboards, the last of which includes clavinet, Phillicordia, Rhodes, B3 Hammond organ, Farfisa, and ARP Odyssey. All of these elements were brought together by Sis’ dedicated work within Ableton and by tapping the endless sound vaults of Omnisphere, she was able to interweave niche digital samples.

Inspired by the uncompromising spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane, the kind of music and relates to her own process of healing after the onslaught that was 2020 and 2021. Out now via Native Cat Recordings, you can stream the Gnani EP below.

wordlessly capturing a human life’s divine strivings – Sis

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