‘Wind, Hail and Snow’, the hauntingly beautiful new single from Kristian Phillip Valentino

January can stir up many thoughts and feelings. The year past is firmly behind us, the festive season has ended and we look forward with anticipation and often uncertainty at the prospects of the new year that awaits us, just on the horizon. As we step into the unknown, sometimes we find ourselves reflecting over different aspects of our lives, what lies ahead and whether certain things will stand the test of time, or if they just aren’t mean’t to “last another Winter.”

North Carolina based, singer-songwriter Kristian Phillip Valentino seems to have captured that incandescent, often difficult to describe January feeling perfectly. Out of this in-between, barely awake stage, as our eyes are still heavy with sleep and the trees are still adorned and dripping with the cold, sharp icicles of Winter comes his most recent single, the aptly named ‘Wind, Hail and Snow’.

Layered with soft, pillowy and impressive falsetto right off the bat, ‘Wind, Hail and Snow’ builds and grows in ways which tether the listen to every aching beat. Simply put, this newest offering from the exceedingly talented artist is exceptionally crafted and even more so, beautifully delivered.

An underlay of undulating dark piano begins, alluring and utterly captivating, layered on a bed of gentle white noise as Kristians vocals gently pierce through the delicate scene. Managing to capture not only the essence of a season within the confines of his sonics, theres also a truly extraordinary balance of warmth and coolness. Poetic in every sense of the word, his songwriting has so much depth, sophistication and charm.

‘Wind, Hail and Snow’ carries a heaviness, weighted with burden yet also feels light with the coming of acceptance and understanding. Healing yet equally devastating, it’s tinged with sadness at the end of a chapter yet hopeful at what’s to come, creating a cathartic release for not only the artist but also the listener. Heartbreakingly honest, Kristian’s emotions pour out and into every note.

Ethereal, soulful and mesmerising, Kristians voice is endless, a vast landscape of breathy, carefully crafted tones that cover like a blanket stretching across the track. With peace interweaved into its veins, ‘Wind, Hail and Snow’ comes as a perfect soundtrack to a month we often want to hibernate and contemplate. Delivered as part of a growing collection, this single sits in Kristians newest concept album encapsulating the 4 seasons.

“Since March 2021 I’ve been releasing one song a month, each month based on a true love story from my past, that moves with the four seasons. In Spring the relationship starts, in Summer love grows, in Fall it starts to break apart and in Winter, the relationship ends. Wind, Hail, and Snow is the first of the winter tunes.” – KPV

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