E.D.I.S comments on toxic relationships through soulful single ‘Abuse’

Introducing E.D.I.S who has been an intuitive musician from a young age; learning guitar, exploring songwriting and forming several bands throughout his formative years. You can hear those years of practice and skill-building in the sophisticated new single ‘Abuse’. The China-based Congolese artist describes this song “a story of unrequited love and toxic energy,” a topic that’s been brought to the light through arts and media in recent years.

Set against a laidback R&B soundscape, E.D.I.S sings with charm, giving a soothing quality this this tale and friction, heartache and clouded thoughts.

“When co-producer @beatzzbytazz and I used to do sets at live houses, there were times we’d just abandon the setlist and just freestyle, vibe and see what comes up. Abuse came out of one of those jams.”

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