Prints of Monaco present ‘New Ways’, the balm to soothe your soul this January

Nestled in the city streets of Brooklyn, NYC we introduce the indie four-piece, alt-rock, folk inducing tones of Prints of Monaco. Unveiling their first single of 2022, they share the perfect soundtrack to usher away those January blues in the form of gorgeous Winter warmer ‘New Ways’. A delicate juxtaposition of cold and warmth, ‘New Ways’ manages to incapsulate all those varying January feels, trimmed with a subtle sadness, this tune is perfectly balance and lined with the bright threads of hope carefully sewn into the fabric of each phrase.

Gentle guitar strums usher in a layered bed of haunting harmonies before lead singer Oliver appears in the foreground, compelling the listeners attention whilst the visual takes them by the hand and onto a brisk, icy journey through greying city streets amongst blankets of soft, white snow.

With gorgeously poetic lyrics, Olivers heart pours out onto each page, depicting the most intimate thoughts of a questioning mind. Each line brings forth another wave of emotion, highlighting so much care and attention to detail. ‘New Ways’ is another beautiful offering to add to the ever growing collection and continues to showcase the clear talent and sophistication of these seasoned songwriters.

Olivers voice is smooth, fine tuned and carries just enough breath creating hints of velvety husk, caressing each and every note, ‘New Ways’ is light and endearing and features an effortless arrangement. Entering the New Year with such flair, grace and expertise Prints of Monaco lead the way for an incredibly exciting year ahead, one we cannot wait to tag along for the ride.

” “New Ways” is one of my winter songs. It’s around the narrative of imagining reconnecting with an old lover, and trying to rekindle the relationship. I was trying to capture a melancholic, nostalgic feeling, while also keeping some hope in the song. Playing out these scenarios can be a mix of fantasy and potentiality, and I hope some people connect with that. I also made the music video on a whim when a snowstorm came through the city. I love wandering in the snow, and thought that imagery was perfect for the video.” – Prints of Monaco

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