Bittersweet and utterly enchanting Pylon Heights reveal ‘VHS’

Introducing Chris Crowther, Heather Reeson and Jon Sandman, otherwise known as the dreamy team of musicians who make up Pylon Heights, a gloriously unique, synth-washed indie folk band.

After releasing their debut EP ‘The Arizona EP’ in 2020, they have returned to the airwaves kickstarting 2022 with the tenderly beautiful and bittersweet ‘VHS’. Quaint, poetic lyrics decorate the track, with vocalist Heather taking centre stage, delicately trickling her angelic, saccharine vocals for our ears to drink in.

‘VHS’ is unassumingly intricate, with light and lovingly simple acoustic instrumentation, allowing the vocals plenty of room to run wild. A welcomed feature as the quirky lyrical content overflows with thoughtful, ponderous, metaphorical phrases. Incredibly endearing, yet tinged with a subtle sadness ‘VHS’ is dusted with layers of dreamy, whisper-light harmonies and a gently driving guitar. Interestingly, this release also comes with an intimate demo recording of the track to compliment the release which gives an unseen insight into the musical process, allowing the listener to connect even deeper.

With influences that include Bear’s Den, The National, Frightened Rabbit and Bombay Bicycle Club, each single materialises as something new and slightly different, leaving fans pleasantly surprised and always refreshed by their unique blend of folktronica. With lead vocalists swapping in and out of the foreground lending their tones to backing, adlibs and harmonic phrasing, Pylon Heights continuously prove themselves as unique, talented and incredibly versatile artists who boast a clear and established connection with one another. Time after time they create wondrously charming and insightful tunes, drenched with unusual and often whimsical lyrics which evoke the most vivid and captivating images.

“VHS is a stream of consciousness written post break-up. I didn’t really want to talk about it with anyone but had to get it all out somehow so figured I’d write a song. Although I never intended to share it with anyone, it was more for my sake than anything else. Breakups are never fun, even when no one is to blame. VHS serves as a snapshot of the way I felt within that first month, the way I imagine most people feel in that situation. I hope it offers some comfort to those going through the same thing, that those raw feelings are more common than you’d think. FYI I’m grand now, it gets better my guys <3″ – Heather, VHS

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