Mini Melon Mix Ups: updog, Johnny Kulo, Komparrison, Ballin Jacks’, The Librarian, NGHTMRE, noelle and Oh Romance

Hey there friends! How goes it? Welcome to our first MMM instalment of the year and boy have we got some tune-age treats for you. January blues? We got you! Pop this on pals and have a party.

‘whats updog’ is the anthemic new single from the aptly named updog, who utilises this bass-heavy sonic space to check his mindset over. From his upcoming seven track EP, titled falling is flying, this slice of home therapy is a moreish mix of alt-pop and indie-rock.

This song is meant to act as a ‘checking in on your self’ type of song. I personally always find it therapeutic to do a proper, meta level check-in on my mental state once in a while especially with this project. I wanted my first release of 2022 to be introspective, a conversation with myself, one where I reckon a lot of people naturally have with themselves quite regularly, too. I also decided to include the ‘what’s updog? ‘as it’s the most obvious tagline that comes to mind with this as it’s a pretty comical concept. I thought it was time to own that phrase in a more serious way, in relation to my artistry.”

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Next we’re crossing genres again for Johnny Kulo’s mix of R&B, soul, pop and lofi in new single ‘Poseidon’. Working alongside producer August Ingram and bassist Big Vik, the multi-instrumentalist explores feelings of arrogance and confidence in past relationships.

“When I’m writing something it almost always starts with the electric guitar. Even if the original idea was a melody in my head or something I came up with on the keyboard, I first gotta lay it down on the guitar first. I was messing around, layering, chopping and flipping up guitars I recorded and that ended up serving as the base for the track. I sent it over to a childhood homie of mine who hit me back with a hook and a verse within an hour or so. And that was it for me, the hook drove everything else, the direction was clear. The rest of the production was just as simple as putting together pieces to a puzzle cause the song already existed in its entirety as soon as I had the hook. I decided to leave enough space in the mix for me to say what needs to be said in the verses.”

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Ready for the next one? Now we have the feel good 90’s inspired, indie rock tune ‘And Again’ from North-East based, five-piece band Komparrison. Paired with an equally infectious, light hearted video, ‘And Again’ is catchy, upbeat and overflowing with glorious fuzzy riffs. Boasting powerful, anthemic, care-free vocal lines that are sure to have you hooked, line and sinker. A true breath of fresh air Komparrison’s music feels extremely welcoming, supportive and friendly. Everything you’d look for in a friend, Komparrison have it all wrapped up for you in the form of ‘And Again’. Turn this up, rock out and have a bedroom sing along immediately.

And Again is the song your best friend has to play to you when you decide to get back with your ex. It’s a feel good song that will help you finally get over that certain person… we’ve all been there.” – Komparrison

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Keeping the energy gritty, next up we have the London alternative rock and roll outfit Ballin’ Jacks with new single ‘Life’s A Gas Leak’. Blending the soulful tones of Rhythm and Blues with Psychedelic-rock, they have carefully cultivated their own unique and really quite remarkable signature sound. ‘Life’s A Gas Leak’ is filled with thoughtful lyrics detailed by husky vocals painted across a gorgeous hazy soundscape. It’s a laid back anthem which features gorgeous, full instrumentation that carries you all the way.

“Buddha said that life is suffering… we can all relate to that sometimes. Also, scientifically speaking, life probably is a gas leak.” – Ballin’ Jacks.

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We have a 2-for-1 now from innovative DJ and artist The Librarian, otherwise known as Andrea Graham the founder of Bass Coast Festival. Revealing two new tunes, the mystical ‘Howe Sound’ and the beat heavy ‘miss u’. Both vibrantly filled with cultural influences, these instrumental tracks are expertly produced and will have you floating on the sands of ancient lands, all whilst bobbing your head. A perfect balance of organic and industrial style sounds and synths, we look forward eagerly to the release of the ‘miss u’ EP.

“Howe Sound is where I call home. I work and play on the traditional, ancestral and unceded Indigenous territories of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish) people.  It is where I learned to appreciate beauty in the colour grey. Mist floats up from the rainforest canopy painting pictures in the sky. Winters are dark and cool but when you embrace the wet environment it is powerful and moving. The first single captures the mood of winters in Howe Sound.” – The Librarian

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Finally we have the highly anticipated EP ‘UNSOUND’ from heavy hitter, producer and all round artist NGHTMRE. After finishing 2021 with ‘Shady Intentions’, NGHTMRE has stepped up the momentum, taking no prisoners with this four track project which just so happens to be his first EP since 2017. Oozing with collabs from RNSOM, RAY VOLPE and Deadlyft, ‘UNSOUND’ is an epic journey through NGHTMRE’s historic evolution of music. Boasting a diverse and intriguing repertoire, he showcases his flawless production skills alongside slower more sentimental ballads and bass-filled, floor filler, bangers. You don’t wanna miss this. Plug in and PLAY.

“The UNSOUND EP is a bit of a preface for my upcoming album. I have been working on lots of new music throughout the year and these are some of my favorite collaborations I’ve done! I think the EP has a perfect balance of heavy, festival-ready tunes, as well as some more easy listening melodic. Everyone who worked on this EP is incredibly talented and I think deserves more recognition for their work. I hope this EP brings to light some of the amazing under-appreciated artists who helped write this music.”NGHTMRE

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Ready to fall into silky RnB, Jazz inducing tones and enter an electro pop filled world? Then Canadin artist and Universal music/WAX Records signee noelle has got you covered. After a huge 2021, she has started 2022 in true style with the release of debut album ’30k’. 6 tracks long with two unheard additions ’30k’ has a little bit of everything. Showcasing a wide range of her talents, influences and musical flavours, theres sure to be something to suit everyones tastes in this incredible coming of age project. Stream ’30k’ everywhere now!

“My debut album is coming out, and I couldn’t be more excited! I get to share three of my most favourite songs that I have written. I’m really hoping that “30k” will be my big break and will get lots of radio play. I can’t wait for the first time I hear one of my songs on the radio! I really want to do some live shows and open for some bigger artists. I absolutely love singing live and can’t wait to be able to meet and connect with some of my fans at the shows. I’m going to keep writing a ton of songs and release as much music as I can.”

 – noelle

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Last but by no means least we have the infectious new single from Oh Romance – ‘Another Night’. Overflowing with gorgeous guitar tones, dreamy vocals and that glorious indie sound we can’t get enough of, ‘Another Night’ features beautiful relaxed melodies yet combines this with a satisfying rock inducing driving force. The perfect balance of gritty rawness with a sprinkling of polished indie pop. Check this Glaswegian band out ASAP.

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