Dreamy, poetic and encased in nostalgia Leo presents ‘Helicopter Leaves’

Every once in a while you come stumbling across a track that manages to capture not only an entire feeling but the very essence of a season itself encapsulated within the production. A tune that radiates pure sunshine, instantly giving us day dreams of cruising along the golden coast of California with the top down.

In the cold dark weeks of January, such a song is a beacon of hope during this long, drawn out and often dreary month. It carries the warm winds of Summer on its back, reminding us all that lighter days are to come and that it might just be time to start collating a 2022 Summer playlist to soundtrack those seemingly endless days. If that be the case, let this be the very first single we recommend as a MUST have.

Introducing ‘Helicopter Leaves’ the first single of the year from the exceedingly talented Massachusetts residing, singer-songwriter Leo. Now 24 years of age, Leo has been engulfed in the musical world from a young age, creating an umbrella brand granted for all his creative ventures to reside under. Despite being subjected to overwhelming amounts of bullying and hate he has succeeded down his artistic path, having released a myriad of singles alongside his first album in 2021, Stevie Boi Jr.

Instantly engulfed with layers of Lo-Fi loveliness, Leo’s vocal soon enters the space and immediately caresses the ear with ribbons of gorgeous, warm, RnB tones. Reminiscent of a young Frank Ocean, Leo’s timbre is sublime as are the short, sharp and incredibly catchy melodies and lyrical phrases embedded throughout. Leo has crafted his own unique stamp with indie-washed, dreamy guitars alongside his alt-pop infused melodies which create a tasteful and intriguing sound you simply cannot get enough of.

Describing the track as being inspired by heartbreak, ‘Helicopter Leaves’ also has definitive threads of romance weaved within its layers. Beautiful imagery is painted from start to finish, conjured by the nostalgia fuelled, metaphorical lyricism. It carries a subtle air of sadness but resides with an overall feeling of fondness as Leo looks back emotively at the memories of a previous relationship.

‘Helicopter Leaves’ is one of the finest, freshest slice’s of cleanly produced, Left field, electro pop that we have had the pleasure of hearing for a very long time. So, it goes without saying we cannot wait for what else this year has in store for Leo.

One things for sure, we’ll be keeping our eyes firmly fixed on this exciting new artist.

“I feel this song touches anyone emotionally who has been through a significant heart break in their lives. As upbeat and melodic as the song sounds, it has that undertone feel of pure mourning emotion. To me this song’s metaphorical message of life and how it can spiral down on us will have a great nostalgic impact on the listener who finds it relatable.” – Leo

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